April 21, 2014

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Second Annual Campout Weekend for Kids at J&M Camper and Marine

On April 19th, 20th, and 21st the Mix 107.9 crew returned to J&M Camper and Marine in Augusta for the second annual Campout Weekend for kids. Everyone had a blast "roughin" it while we gathered donations for the Maine Children's Home Summer Camp Scholarship Program and raised money to send tons of kids to camp!



What a good looking crew. We all jumped onto this party boat and there was still plenty of room for more to join. We had a great time pretending that we were actually out on the water!





 Tanya and Cindy enjoying some warm weather, good company, and their favorite tunes.





The three amigos from our sister station 93.5 True Oldies chatting about who's going to be the first to own one of these beautiful campers.






The wonders of technology these days. Here is Jay broadcasting live from his CELLPHONE! The ability to do this has been very handy allowing us to easily broadcast from literally anywhere.





Our friend, Don Brown from True Oldies interviewing Olympic luger, Julie Clukey, and her nephew, Lucas.






Russ Wheeler, the man of the hour with his newest family member, Trixie.













Cloudy, 50


Partly Sunny, 46

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