April 18, 2014

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The Somerset Humane Society Pet of the Week, Presented by Hight Ford

Join Mix 107.9 each Monday for our special "Pet of the Week"
sponsored by Hight Ford

The Somerset Humane Society in Skowhegan will be sharing with us a special animal that is ready to find themselves a new loving family. 

Stop by each week for pictures and information to find a cuddly new furry friend!  Plus, if you adopt their "Pet of the Week" you'll receive a special discount on the adoption fee!




This week's Pet that needs a loving home is Chub Chub!!

Breed:  Domestic Short Hair/Black and Brown Tiger

Name: Chub Chub

Age: 4 Years Old

Best Fit Home:  Chub Chub would fit well in any home.

Personality Traits: You can usually find Chub Chub near the food bowl.  He loves attention, but would rather not be picked up, as he likes to keep his paws on the floor.  He gets along well with other cats and spends his time in a play cage with 4 others.  The dogs barking in the room next to him don't seem to bother him either. 

Exercise & Grooming needs:  Chub Chub is a clean cat. 

Special Needs & Diet: He is not a special needs cat.  

Skills, Talent & House Broken: He is litter box trained. 

Adoption Cost/ Fees:
 Chub Chub is neutered and up to date on shots; his adoption fee is $25 which includes a free wellness exam at any of our local vets. 



Current Shelter Needs
Kitten season is here - we are in desperate need of kitten chow, canned pate cat food, collars for the kittens, kitten formula, feline pine, or wood pellets for the litter pails.  We are in need of no-dye cat food, 30 gallon trash bags, clear unflavored Pedialyte, and laundry detergent.   


Fundraising Events & Public Announcements:

To keep updated daily, pleas like us at www.facebook.com/somersethumanesociety

The Somerset Humane Society recently received an $8,000 grant generously given through the Belvedere Animal Welfare Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.  This will provide financial assistance for low income and elderly individuals that are cat owners who need help altering their animal.  The Belvedere Animal Welfare Fund of Maine Community shares our goal of bringing an end to pet overpopulation.  In order to qualify for this program you must show proof of government assistance such as Medicaid, MaineCare, TANF, SSI, SSDI, Food Stamps, or Elderly status. 

You must reside in one of the towns listed below to qualify and complete an application with a copy of your proof of low income or elderly status at the Somerset Humane Society on the Middle Rd. in Skowhegan.  For any questions call 474-6493. 
(Athens, Bingham, Brighton Plantation, Caratunk, Cambridge, Corinna, Cornville, Exeter, the Forks, West Forks, Harmony, Hartland, Highland Plantation, Jackman, Madison, Moscow, Newport, Parkman, Pleasant Ridge, Skowhegan, St. Albans, Wellington, and Unorganized Territories from Somerset County.)

The Somerset Humane Society will transport the cats to a licensed Veterinarian of the Soceit's choice to be altered on a scheduled date and time.   And we're pleased to announce that we can now help with 2 cats per household!

Thanks to our friends at Hight Ford for sponsoring this great cause.  Hight has been a staple in our community for over 102 years because of their generosity on issues just like this. 

Hight Ford.  Go Further.





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