October 21, 2014

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The Somerset Humane Society Pet of the Week, Presented by Hight Ford

Join Mix 107.9 each Monday for our special "Pet of the Week"
sponsored by Hight Ford

The Somerset Humane Society in Skowhegan will be sharing with us a special animal that is ready to find themselves a new loving family. 

Stop by each week for pictures and information to find a cuddly new furry friend!  Plus, if you adopt their "Pet of the Week" you'll receive a special discount on the adoption fee!




This week's Pet that needs a loving home is Manny!!

Breed:  Short Hair/Tiger

Name: Manny

Age: 2 Years Old

Best Fit Home:   Manny would fit well in a laid back home or a fast paced one. 

Personality Traits:  Manny originally came to us as a stray a couple of months ago.  When you past his cute little crumpled ear, and see how affectionate he is, you will surely want to take him home.  Manny does not like life in a small space and currently lives in a playcage to keep him from getting too anxious.  He absolutely loves other cats and even though he tried hard not to, he now loves humans too. 

Exercise & Grooming needs:  He is a clean cat.

Special Needs & Diet:  He is not a special needs cat but does have a sensitive digestive system and needs a food that is free of red dye.    

Skills, Talent & House Broken: Manny uses the litter box like a pro. 

Adoption Cost/ Fees:  He is neutered and up to date on shots.  His $25 adoption fee also includes worming and a free wellness exam at local, participating vets. 

As an added bonus, anyone that adopts a pet from us and mentions that they heard about u Mix 107.9 will get an extra $5 off the adoption fee. 



Current Shelter Needs
We are in desperate need of kitten chow, canned pate cat food, collars for the kittens, kitten formula, feline pine, or wood pellets for the litter pails.  We are in need of no-dye cat food, 30 gallon trash bags, clear unflavored Pedialyte, and laundry detergent.   We are trying to make the yard useable for more than one dog at a time, if you have any chain line fence, poles, gates, or outside dog kennels lying around, we would love to put them to good use!!

Please remember when you come in to adopt a dog, to bring a collar and leash with you. 

 Rabies Clinic for dogs and cats.  $15 each November 1st from 1-4pm at 60 Water St. in Skowhegan. 

Fundraising Events & Public Announcements:

To keep updated daily, please like us at www.facebook.com/somersethumanesociety

Thanks to our friends at Hight Ford for sponsoring this great cause.  Hight has been a staple in our community for over 102 years because of their generosity on issues just like this. 

Hight Ford.  Go Further.

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