December 7, 2016

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The Boo Ball 2013

We had a great night at The Senator Inn during our Boo Ball '13!
If you missed the excitement, here's a quick peak at some of ours and our listeners costumes for you to enjoy, but be sure to join us next year!!

A crazy Pumpkinhead costume!!  One of the best of the night!!

An original take on a couple's outfit.  We honestly thought they worked for the hotel at first. 

Orange Crush played some 80's tunes that kept everyone dancing all night!

Tanya Verzoni and Chris Verzoni

Timtron, Jay, Sherri, Tasha, and Bob

Tony created the candy spewing pumpkin at the bottom of the page...and found whatever the glowing blue stuff in his bag is.

Don Brown and other friends from 93.5 True Oldies joined in on the fun!!

Gatsby and 93.5 True Oldies midday man Mike West

Thanks to the Senator Inn and their lovely staff for being such great hosts

Even monsters deserve love on Halloween right!

Policewoman Cindy who spearheaded the Boo Ball!!






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