December 7, 2016

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What is The Meanest Thing Your Boss Ever Said to You?



Did you grow up next to power lines…Shari


Any chance you could not eat garlic for just one day…Henry


Maybe you’re just not cut out to be productive…Dennis


Did you mean to do this or did you recently have a stroke…Phoebe


Are you trying to get nominated for the “Moron of the Year” award…Frank


I’d ask you to come with us for lunch but Theresa has a really weak stomach…Brian


Do I look like I enjoy turds, because that’s what you’re feeding me…Wendy


Are we getting federal funding or incentive for employing you…Kevin


The quality of your work is equal to that of brain diseased gorilla…Luke


Casual Friday doesn’t mean come to work dressed like a vagrant...Sharron


I will pay you to stop coming into the office…Marie














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