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Recent Not-So-Impossible Questions and Answers:

Q: The average American is willing drive up to 150 miles for this?
A: A lottery ticket

Q: 37% of Americans have never seen one of these?
A: A Star Wars movie

Q: 68% of people say they are above average at this?
A: Trivia

Q: Using this word during a job interview will make it 17% less likely that you will be hired?
A: Sucks

Q: 8% of people have hidden a gift here?
A: Under a bed

Q: 78% of men would never give this to his partner, but 2/3 of women would love to receive it?
A: Stationery

Q: 23% of Americans are irritated by a neighbor who does this?
A: Plays a musical instrument loudly

Q: 37% of people regularly do this at the dinner table, compared with only 10% twenty years ago?
A: Eat on paper plates

Q: 27% of people surveyed said they are willing to go into debt to do this?
A: Spend money on their hair

Q: People who do this on their first date are 42% more likely to have a second date?
A: Cook together

Q: 37% of people say they have one of these in their vehicle that no longer works?
A: An air freshener

Q: 20 years ago, 78% saw this as an important adult task. Today, that number has been cut in half?
A: Shaving

Q: 7% of people have found this under the seat of their car?
A: A lottery ticket

Q: 11% of men did this at work yesterday?
A: Play a joke on someone

Q: 27% of women regret this about their High School years?
A: Not saving money

Q: 14% of millennial’s believe that doing this is considered doing a good deed?
A: Washing their hands after using a public restroom

Q: 90% of children, but only 30% of adults, do this?
A: Run

Q: 18% of Americans only eat this candy on Halloween?
A: Bit ‘O Honey

Q: 61% of women have eaten this while pregnant?
A: Baby food

Q: 6% of women would not want their mother to see this?
A: The litter box

Q: 11% of Administrative Assistants have been asked to do this for their boss?
A: Trim nose/ear hair

Q: 73% of men say they have done this when talking to a woman?
A: Cross their fingers

Q: On average, a person lives 19 months longer if they do this?
A: Read books

Q: 14% of people admit to hitting this while driving?
A: A toll booth

Q: Americans lose a total of $55 million a year doing this?
A: Losing or leaving change in vending machines

Q: 13 % of women have done this alone in their bedroom?
A: Floss their teeth

Q: 8% of women, but only 1% of men would like to change this about him or herself?
A: Their ankles

Q: 8% of women, but only 2% of men would like to change this about him or herself?
A: Their handwriting

Q: 16% of people would buy a used one of these?
A: Electric toothbrush

Q: 8% of households have one of these that does not work?
A: A flashlight

Q: 31% say this causes them high anxiety?
A: Being clever or funny when they post on social media

Q: 48% of men only do this on the weekend?
A: Call their mom

Q: 27% of men re-use this as many as three times?
A: Halloween costume

Q: The average American has six of these, but the average Mainer has 9?
A: Things being held together by duct tape

Q: 63% of women say if they saw this in a guy’s bedroom, it would be an instant turn-off?
A: Kids bed sheets

Q: 7% of people say doing this for your pet is going too far?
A: Giving them Cannabis

Q: 3% of people have taken their partner here for a first date?
A: A hair salon

Q: In 1990, 12% of people had one of these, today only 2% own one?
A: A minivan

Q: 14% of waiters & waitresses say that regardless of the size of the tip, they would not tolerate it if a customer did this?
A: Asked the server to try their food

Q: 60% of women and 20% of men regard this as a sign they are in a serious relationship?
A: They use each other’s vehicle

Q: 8% of people say this will be one of their first holiday purchases this year?
A: A gift for a pet

Q: 15% of men do this at least once a week?
A: Accidentally put something through the laundry (such as keys, cell phone, pen, Sharpie, etc.)

Q: 12% of Americans find this to be the most stressful thing in their lives?
A: Planning a wedding

Q: 43% of women won’t date someone who does this?
A: Wants sex too soon

Q: 55% of millennials expect this will happen sometime in their life?
A: Become a vegan

Q: 15% of people will do more of this in the fall?
A: Show up for work (taking fewer vacation, personal, and sick days)

Q: 21% of people will do this alone by year’s end?
A: Buy an appliance

Q: 18% of Americans will engage in this now that Labor Day has passed?
A: Switch from iced to hot coffee

Q: The average woman spends two hours and twenty-eight minutes a week doing this?
A: Watching their child’s sporting event

Q: 31% of people don’t know this about at least one of their parents?
A: Their first vehicle

Q: 24% of people say if their partner does this they are not a good housekeeper?
A: Leave toothpaste in the sink after brushing

Q: 13% of people are burned out on this?
A: Pizza

Q: 57% of people have this in storage?
A: Old school books

Q: 8% of people say they have purchased this when drunk?
A: A vacation

Q: 30 years ago, 63% of children had one of these. Now only 20% do?
A: A jump rope

Q: Men who talk about this on a first date are unlikely to get a second date?
A: Recycling/environmental issues

Q: 21% of people say you’re officially an adult when you buy this?
A: A smoke detector

Q: 41% say this is the key to a blissful relationship?
A: A kiss

Q: 32% of pets do this according to their owner?
A: Sleep on their owner’s pillow

Q: 27% of people say this instantly puts them in a better mood?
A: A beautiful sunset

Q: 15% of teachers enjoy this hobby?
A: Mixology

Q: 13% of women say this is the most romantic thing their partner can do for them this summer?
A: Take them on a horse-drawn carriage ride

Q: 41% of women have been shamed by a co-worker for this?
A: Tanning

Q: 45% of people would not buy a house because of this?
A: Flickering lights

Q: 20% of kids have this talent?
A: They can tell time using an analog clock

Q: 15% of people have used a public restroom for this?
A: Wash their feet

Q: 27% of moms say they often have a difficult time remembering to do this?
A: Check the mail

Q: 12% of people base whether to stop at a particular restaurant on this?
A: How clean it is in back of the restaurant

Q: When invited to a wedding, 26% dread this the most?
A: Crying children

Q: 19% of Americans have caught a neighbor doing this?
A: Cutting someone else’s lawn or trees or shrubs

Q: The average American goes through 14 of these in their lifetime?
A: Mechanic

Q: 71% of men admit to doing this where only 14% of women admit to it?
A: Snoring

Q: The average American waits 73 days (from the time that they know they should) before they do THIS?
A: Have the sex talk with kids

Q: 48% of men admit to wearing this at least once?
A: Bluetooth

Q: According to a recent survey, 12% of American drivers freak out when the encounter this on the road?
A: A school bus

Q: 12% of adults have flirted here?
A: At AC meeting with their child’s teacher

Q: 12% of people say that this is their favorite comfort food?
A: Donuts

Q: 24% of people have trouble remembering this?
A: Their blood type

Q: 65% of women have this at work, but only 23% of men do?
A: A best friend

Q: 23% of men said that doing this is unacceptable on a date?
A: Talking politics

Q: 14% of people have done this after making a large purchase?
A: Drink alcoholic beverages

Q: 22% of adults under the age of 35 won’t eat this?
A: Wheat bread

Q: 11% of adults under the age of 38 (Millenials) have never touched this?
A: Gas pump

Q: 23% of dads have embarrassed their daughters by doing this?
A: Flirting with their friends

Q: Men spend an average of 100 days doing this in their lifetime, while women spend 70 days?
A: Defending themselves

Q: 14% of hotel guests have asked for this?
A: Change/Quarters

Q: 17% of parents say they would like to see THESE banned from public schools?
A: Designer Purses

Q: 11% of pet owners say they have fed their dog this
A: Ketchup

Q: 4% of men say that this scent is a turn-off
A: Cedar

Q: 16% of parents say they discourage kids from ordering this at restaurants
A: Milkshakes

Q: 15% of people said they would not eat this food, but more than twice as many people said they would drink something flavored like it
A: Almond

Q: 13% of people surveyed make this financial mistake each month?
A: Buying bottled water

Q: 25 years ago, 50% of Americans said that they were annoyed by this. Today, only 10% of Americans are bugged by this?
A: TV ads

Q: According to a new study, women need an extra 82 minutes a day to get everything done. 21% of women say they’d use part of that extra time to do this?
A: Journaling or writing in a diary

Q: 15% of people last year reported to the ER for this?
A: Bed bugs

Q: 14% of parents reward their children by giving them this?
A: No chores

Q: Of Americans estranged from a family member, 12% said they would not speak to that person again until they apologized for this?
A: Unpaid loans

Q: After having food poisoning, 14% of people say they will NEVER eat this again?
A: Ice cream

Q: 7% of moms say they want their daughters to grow up to be this?
A: First lady