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Recent Not-So-Impossible Questions and Answers:

Q: When invited to a wedding, 26% dread this the most?
A: Crying children (Winner: Lynn Brochu)

Q: 19% of Americans have caught a neighbor doing this?
A: Cutting someone else’s lawn or trees or shrubs (Winner: Sonia Milcendeau from Canaan)

Q: The average American goes through 14 of these in their lifetime?
A: Mechanic (Winner: Ken Parkerwood from Hartland)

Q: 71% of men admit to doing this where only 14% of women admit to it?
A: Snoring (Winner: Angela Ostiguy from Oakland)

Q: The average American waits 73 days (from the time that they know they should) before they do THIS?
A: Have the sex talk with kids (Winner: Eva StJean from Clinton)

Q: 48% of men admit to wearing this at least once?
A: Bluetooth (Winner: Melissa Adams from Anson)

Q: According to a recent survey, 12% of American drivers freak out when the encounter this on the road?
A: A school bus (Winner: Kayla Chabot)

Q: 12% of adults have flirted here?
A: At AC meeting with their child’s teacher (Winner: Carissa Booker of Wilton)

Q: 12% of people say that this is their favorite comfort food?
A: Donuts (Winner: Crissia Lindsey of Hermon)

Q: 24% of people have trouble remembering this?
A: Their blood type (Winner: Bev Frost of Norridgewock)

Q: 65% of women have this at work, but only 23% of men do?
A: A best friend (Winner: Ruth Mattson of Clinton)

Q: 23% of men said that doing this is unacceptable on a date?
A: Talking politics (Winner: DL Allen of Benton)

Q: 14% of people have done this after making a large purchase?
A: Drink alcoholic beverages (Winner: Amy Dyer of Gardiner)

Q: 22% of adults under the age of 35 won’t eat this?
A: Wheat bread (Winner: Jen Moody of Madison)

Q: 11% of adults under the age of 38 (Millenials) have never touched this?
A: Gas pump (Winner: Mark McCue of Newport)

Q: 23% of dads have embarrassed their daughters by doing this?
A: Flirting with their friends (Winner: Richie Leclerc of Brewer)

Q: Men spend an average of 100 days doing this in their lifetime, while women spend 70 days?
A: Defending themselves (Winner: Kelly Martineau of Hampden)

14% of hotel guests have asked for this?
A: Change/Quarters (Winner: Brandy Boutin of Fairfield)

Q: 17% of parents say they would like to see THESE banned from public schools?
A: Designer Purses

Q: 11% of pet owners say they have fed their dog this
A: Ketchup (Winner: Lynn Chadwick of Pittston)

Q: 4% of men say that this scent is a turn-off
A: Cedar (Winner: Jennifer Booker of North Anson)

Q: 16% of parents say they discourage kids from ordering this at restaurants
A: Milkshakes (Winner: Melissa Smith from Exeter)

Q: 15% of people said they would not eat this food, but more than twice as many people said they would drink something flavored like it
A: Almond (Winner: Tina Duffany of Augusta)

Q: 13% of people surveyed make this financial mistake each month?
A: Buying bottled water (Winner: Melissa Adams of Anson)

Q: 25 years ago, 50% of Americans said that they were annoyed by this. Today, only 10% of Americans are bugged by this?
A: TV ads (Winner: Rich Samson)

Q: According to a new study, women need an extra 82 minutes a day to get everything done. 21% of women say they’d use part of that extra time to do this?
A: Journaling or writing in a diary (Winner: Penny Peaslee of Jefferson)

Q: 15% of people last year reported to the ER for this?
A: Bed bugs (Winner: Betty Hambrick of Belgrade)

Q: 14% of parents reward their children by giving them this?
A: No chores (Winner: Sherry Tanner of Fairfield)

Q: Of Americans estranged from a family member, 12% said they would not speak to that person again until they apologized for this?
A: Unpaid loans (Winner: Mary Fitzgerald of Rumford)

Q: After having food poisoning, 14% of people say they will NEVER eat this again?
A: Ice cream (Winner: Tammy Demerchant)

Q: 7% of moms say they want their daughters to grow up to be this?
A: First lady (Winner: Allie McKenney)