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Maine Game Wardens have safely located a missing two-year old girl this morning, July 28, who had wandered away from her campsite last night during the early morning hours.

Blaklyn Greenleaf, who turned two years old in June, was last seen sleeping in her family’s camper at the Jo Mary Lake Campground in Piscataquis county, at 2:00 am. When her family woke up around 7:00 am, Blaklyn was missing, and the camper door was open.

From the MDIFW:

After a quick initial search, her family immediately called 911, and Game Wardens, Penobscot County Sheriff Officers, Maine Forest Rangers, Maine State Police and Maine Marine Patrol officers all converged at the campground to search for the toddler. The Maine Warden Service also had two warden service planes searching the area, as well as a Maine Forest Service helicopter and a Piscataquis Sherriff’s Drone.

Game Wardens directed a quick ground “Hasty Search” of the area, which is an intense search of the immediate area with multiple people, and Game Wardens Tyler Leach and Nick Bartholomew set out to search their grid.

Game Warden Tyler Leach was searching through one of the camp parking areas where there were some boat trailers and ice shacks stored, and when he went around one of the ice shacks to check it, he looked over the stonewall that bordered the lot, and saw Blaklyn with her blanket dressed in flowered pajamas sitting on top of a brush pile at approximately 10:45 this morning.

Leach, who is a father, was able to talk to and comfort Blaklyn, who then reached out her arms to him, and let him pick her up. Leach then raced back to the campground carrying Blaklyn, and as he got closer was met by the parents running towards him and their daughter.

Blaklyn was examined, and did not need any medical attention after spending most of the night in the woods. She is back with her family.

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