By Jon James|

Julia Gagnon made another great song choice Sunday performing Roam, a B-52s song and looked like she was relaxed and having fun. Again, the total performance package.

In the second round of the night, the choices were limited to an Adele song. She chose, Set Fire to the Rain. It seemed perfect to me.

Julia has, in my opinion, the most powerful and well controlled voice of any of the contestants. She’s like a “vocal surgeon,” performing each pitch change flawlessly.

Still, the most amazing vocal talent in the group of seven that were left, Julia Gagnon, didn’t get the votes and has left the show, stunning many who had her pegged to be the next idol.

One of my earlier favorites, Emmy Russell, who DID make the top five, has proven to have neither the vocal prowess nor stage presence that the others, including Julia, have. Yet, she got the votes.

Shaking my head this morning.

All due respect to the performers. They ALL have amazing talent insofar as vocals are concerned…but the personal connection to the audience, that stage presence, was NOT something they all shared equally. Julia was a cut above most of them, again, my opinion.

But, America has voted.

Good luck Julia. After your performances on American Idol, the world is your oyster.

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