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Governor Janet Mills today, Feb. 13, signed into law bipartisan legislation immediately granting the power of subpoena to the Independent Commission to Investigate the Facts of the Tragedy in Lewiston.

The legislation approved unanimously by the Legislature, authorizes the Independent Commission to obtain documents and compel witness testimony as it conducts its work to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the October 25, 2023 mass shootings in Lewiston.

Because the legislation earned the two-thirds support required from each chamber to be enacted as an emergency measure, the law took effect upon Governor’s signature.

Gov. Mills said:

With my signature, the bill is now law, and the Independent Commission now has the power of subpoena. I thank the Legislature for working with the Attorney General and me to deliver the Independent Commission the authority it needs to conduct a thorough examination of the facts surrounding the tragedy in Lewiston.

More information about the Independent Commission and its work to examine the facts around the October 25 shootings can be found on the Commission’s website.

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