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The Maine Warden Service teamed up with the Maine Forest Rangers, Patten Ambulance, and volunteers to rescue a 27-year-old Maine woman atop Mt Chase in the town of Mount Chase yesterday afternoon, Aug. 9.

Jinni-Mae Campbell had fallen while hiking to the summit of Mt Chase, and was unable to walk due to a likely broken leg. Four game wardens hiked the mountain to where they met Patten Ambulance emergency medical personnel and two volunteers attending to Campbell. Due to the steep and narrow trail and Campbell’s condition, a decision was made to airlift Campbell out, and the Warden Service contacted the Maine Forest Service, who then launched a helicopter to assist in the rescue.

One of the volunteers provided a chainsaw, and a small area was cleared to make an opening for the helicopter to lower a forest ranger onto the ground. Once the helicopter arrived, they lowered the tethered ranger and a paramedic into the clearing and once they secured the injured hiker, the three of them were hoisted off the mountain and flown to a nearby gravel pit where Campbell was taken by Patten Ambulance to Houlton Regional Hospital for treatment.

No further information is available at this time.

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