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Senator Angus King is introducing a bill to make child care more affordable and accessible for working families.

The Right Start to Child Care and Education Act‘ would help cut child care costs by increasing the amount of tax-free money Maine families can save through dedicated flexible spending accounts, and expanding employer-provided and small business child care credits. The bill also creates a new tax credit for child care professionals with college degrees to help address a workforce shortage.

Sen. King said:

Affordable and accessible child care is one of the most pressing needs for working families in Maine and across the nation. ‘The Right Start Child Care and Education Act’ would increase the childcare workforce, incentivize businesses to provide affordable child care for their employees, and increase the amount of money families can save, tax-free, to pay for child care. When families have access to care, they are able to succeed both at home and in their professional careers. Child care is more than a household priority; child care means business!

The bill is also sponsored by New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

The full bill text is available HERE.

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