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If you want to be “doomsday” ready without doing all the hard work, a Sangerville duo is making it easy.  They’ve got ready-to-go home/farm complete with plenty of food sources and and a home that is, well, pretty secure.

Here’s the story.

According to BDN, the home was built some 40 years ago by Air Force Captain, Will Cobb for he and his wife, who have since passed.

Who owns the property now? The property is owned by Steve DeGoosh and Brooke Isham but they are offering it to someone, maybe you, in a private sale…the asking price for the roughly 16 acre property? $359,000. You may consider this a steal when you realize what it includes.

So, what’s on the property? Here’s an arial view plus a shot with descriptions, for a start….(all images used with permission from LOMAH, Land of Milk and Honey)

Drone view
Here’s a drone shot of the property

Buildings with labels
Buildings with labels

In talking with Steve, who is a very friendly and intelligent guy, there is a lot this property can be and has been used for, not the least of which, is farming.

Gardening is a big part of what this beautiful place offers up, but also raising livestock, like sheep, chickens and bees. So you have wool, eggs, honey and food right off the bat.

The costs are surprisingly reasonable to run this place, too. According to the site, DoomsteadForSale.com, property taxes (2023) were just over $2,000 and the electricity bill runs around $145/month. According to Steve, the property can provide real food security for a couple or small family.

How about physical security and all important water? Well, I’m glad you asked.

According to the home’s website, the “north portion (in case you were wondering about the “doom” reference) is bermed, w/ 12″ poured walls, steel decking + 10″ concrete ceiling, and  2′ of soil on top.”

In addition to that, if the power goes out, you can switch over from the electric pump to an old fashioned hand pump, which may be just a tiny bit more work than turning on a faucet but well worth the investment in energy!

As you can see from the drone shot, this home is well off of the main road. This is where it’s important to know that the powerlines from the main drag to the operation are all buried (by CMP) so they are responsible for it all the way to the house.

Also, if you’re worried about snow and the cost of plowing, Steve tells me he has a tractor with a five foot snowblower that he can include as “an extra.” You can find that mentioned at the website, too.

Plenty of land to farm or build on and lots of solitude to enjoy quiet days and night enjoying Maine life and, maybe, fishing in the included trout pond. There’s even a greenhouse to tend to year-round!

To me, that’s the way life should be!

Enjoy these images, used with the permission of LOMAH….

Written by Jon James

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