The Office of Maine U.S. Senator Angus King (I) announced that King has tested positive for COVID-19. He took the test as a precaution after he began feeling under the weather yesterday.

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From Sen. King:

Since COVID-19 first reached our shores last March, I have worked to follow the professional guidance and take all precautions necessary to protect myself, my loved ones, my staff, and my community both here in Maine and in Washington.

This has meant masks, social distancing, a work-from-home mindset for myself and my team, driving up and back to Maine dozens of times rather than flying until only recently, Zoom calls instead of attending Senate hearings in person, voting quickly on the floor while remaining masked, regular testing for me and my staff, and receiving the vaccinations when it was my turn to get them earlier this year. None of these were convenient, but nor were they onerous; my actions were a part of being a responsible member of the community and listening to the medical professionals who spend years to become masters of their science and keep us alive and healthy.

Despite all my efforts, when I began feeling mildly feverish yesterday, I took a test this morning at my doctor’s suggestion, and it came back positive. While I am not feeling great, I’m definitely feeling much better than I would have without the vaccine. I am taking this diagnosis very seriously, quarantining myself at home and telling the few people I’ve been in contact with to get tested in order to limit any further spread.

Read the complete statement here.

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