Jay Hanson

Owner & President

Office: (207) 660-4888
Fax: (207) 660-4889
Email: jay@mixmaine.com

In 1989, the last thing Jay Hanson expected was a long broadcasting career. He was passionate about radio, but everyone around him, particularly his parents, discouraged the notion as undignified and fleeting. In pursuing his BS in Journalism at UConn, Jay wrote for newspapers and worked part-time in radio. With a slightly irreverent or sardonic tone to his sports coverage or concert reviews, he was confident he’d follow a path like that of Dave Berry until he realized he hated print deadlines and bemoaned the absence of newspaper groupies, while his radio pals seemed to receive all the attention.

By the 90s, Jay discovered the essential “other” side of media: the sales department. He dabbled in it and was lousy at it. Moving to Maine in 1994, he discovered life on both sides of the camera in local TV, but radio called him back, and this time he was determined to learn all aspects of the business to succeed. Several jobs later, he poured everything into becoming a radio entrepreneur.

After more than 25 years of doing it all in every medium, Jay is still having the most fun on the air and marketing local businesses so that they can remain focused and passionate about their dreams.