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The Better Business Bureau has issued a scam warning about callers pretending to be tech experts representing specific tech “customer support.”

From the BBB:

A tech support rep calls and offers to fix a computer bug you haven’t even noticed, or a pop-up warning appears on the screen, instructing you to dial a number for help. In this con, scammers pose as tech support employees of well-known computer companies and hassle victims into paying for their “support.”

How the scam works
A call comes through on the Caller ID, or you get a pop-up on the computer screen from someone claiming to be with tech support from a well-known software company. Microsoft, Comcast, Norton and Dell are all popular choices. The caller creates a sense of urgency—the computer is sending error messages, they’ve detected a virus, or your computer is about to crash, causing massive data loss!

Rest assured. The tech support employee can fix the problem, but only if they’re allowed to remote access the troubled machine. Once access is granted, the caller will often run a “scan” and claim the computer is infected with viruses. The caller offers to fix and repair the machine for a fee. That may not be the end of the scam. If you allow remote access, the scammer may install malware on your device. Malware often scans files for personal information, which scammers then use to commit identity theft.

If you are a victim of a tech support scam, click here for tips from the BBB.

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