Description: The 80s Song of the Day, $5000 Grand Prize
Sponsor: Bangor Savings Bank
Contest Period: October 17, 2022-December 9, 2022

To enter the 80s Song of the Day, entrants must listen for the cue to call on WFMX (Station) during specified dates and times for the announcement of the cue to call. The cue to call will be the “song of the day” aired in a specific hour as instructed by the Station, announced regular business days at 8am the days the contest is played. Upon hearing the cue to call, the designated number caller (i.e., number 10) to the Station contest line will be deemed the winner of the prize, upon confirmation of eligibility. The winner will receive $100 (by mailed check) and will qualify for the Grand Prize of $5000. Entrants may only qualify once/win one, $100 prize. Station may also require additional information from callers in order to win the prize such as identifying the title and/or artist of a certain song. Station will deem callers’ answers correct in their sole and absolute discretion. Calls may be recorded and/or broadcast on-air. In the event that the designated caller is disconnected prior to completion of the call, the next caller taken may be deemed the prize winner. If any initially-selected winner is later deemed ineligible to receive the prize, the Station reserves the right (but is not obligated) to air one or more additional “cue to call” at any time during the Contest period to award the forfeited prize. Grand Prize of $5000 drawn at random on or about December 15, 2022 by station and/or sponsor. Winner will be notified by phone number provided upon qualifying for Grand Prize. Winner may be required to claim Grand Prize check at sponsor location (i.e., Bangor Savings Bank). WFMX general contest rules and qualifications apply to entrants and winner of $5000 Grand Prize.