Jay & Desiree are shopping local!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we'll be out visiting local restaurants, coffee shops, salons, gift shops, small grocers, gas stations/convenience stores—any SMALL business—to PICK UP THE TAB for customers!

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Where we've been:

Morse’s Sauerkraut, 3856 Washington Rd., Waldoboro

Drip City Arcade Bar, 99 West River Rd., Waterville

Olivia’s Cafe, Ballard Center, 6 E. Chestnut St., Augusta

Niche Records & Games, 307 Water St., Gardiner

Candy Hollow, 54 Main St., Oakland

Riverfront BBQ, 300 Water St., Augusta

Loot, Marketplace At Augusta

Harry J. Smith Co., 13 Sanger Ave., Waterville

RC Destination, 415 Waterville Rd., Norridgewock

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