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Recent Not-So-Impossible Questions and Answers:

April 30, 2024
Q: 37% of people say that if you don’t do this, then your parents failed you?
A: Taught you to cover your mouth

April 29, 2024
Q: 70% of women craved this when pregnant?
A: Nachos

April 26, 2024 (Question 1)
Q: 30% of people know someone who has done this on vacation?
A: Leave someone behind

April 26, 2024 (Question 2)
Q: 23,000 women say they can’t get a date because of this?
A: Their name is Karen

April 25, 2024
Q: If you name your child this, they are more likely to earn twice as much money?
A: Andrew or Anna

April 24, 2024 (Question 1)
Q: 13% of Mainers have never done this?
A: Leave the state

April 24, 2024 (Question 2)
Q: Over the last year, over 800 accidents were caused by this distraction?
A: DOT signs

April 23, 2024
Q: 1 in 3 women say this makes a man look uncool?
A: Air pods

April 22, 2024
Q: 68% of adults were threatened as a kid, by parents, with this when they misbehaved?
A: Send ’em to boarding school

April 19, 2024
Q: 1 in 10 men say they would rather do this unpleasant task, then spend time with the family?
A: Clean a drain

April 18, 2024
Q: 5% of ride share drivers say this has been left behind?
A: Pet

April 17, 2024
Q: 29% of people prefer to eat this when it’s passed it’s prime?
A: Pickles

April 16, 2024
Q: 74% of people do not know this about their pet?
A: How many toes they have

April 15, 2024
Q: If you do this daily, you’ll reduce the likelihood of getting sick by 1/3?
A: Gargling water

April 12, 2024
Q: You are 25% more likely to have a heart attack if you have this in your life?
A: Toxic neighbor

April 11, 2024
Q: 17% of people have done this on a plane?
A: Drive

April 10, 2024
Q: 35% of women would rather do this in front of a man, instead of a woman?
A: Applauded the pilot

April 9, 2024
Q: Women today have more of this, compared to their mothers, by about 30%?
A: Diamonds in their engagement rings

April 8, 2024
Q: 9 out of 10 kids used to do this. Now, it’s just 1 in 3?
A: Jump rope

April 5, 2024
Q: Over 4,000 senior citizens will visit the ER because of this?
A: Their pets

April 3, 2024
Q: 1 in 8 people buy this and never use it?
A: Prescriptions

April 2, 2024
Q: Half of all single men admit to doing this just 4 times a year?
A: Clean their toilet

April 1, 2024
Q: Those over 40 will discard 50% or more of these this month, compared to those under 40?
A: E-mails

March 29, 2024
Q: 22% of women admit that when they meet another woman that this annoys them?
A: They have the same name as their kids

March 28, 2024 (Question 1)
Q: 42% of men said they can’t go one week without this?
A: Pizza

March 28, 2024 (Question 2)
Q: Women said they couldn’t go 2 days without this?
A: Gaming

March 27, 2024
Q: If you were born before 1965, you’re twice as likely to use this?
A: Bar of soap

March 26, 2024
Q: The average adult does this just 12 times a year?
A: Swim

March 22, 2024
Q: Just over 10% of people have this, but will not share it?
A: Their chili recipe

March 21, 2024
Q: The average American teenage girl does this 135 times a year?
A: Slam a door

March 20, 2024
Q: 42% of people over 35 fear this will happen to them?
A: Becoming their parents

March 19, 2024
Q: Americans will throw out 42 million of these during their spring cleaning?
A: Tupperware lids

March 18, 2024
Q: 58% of people are looking forward to this for spring?
A: Mowing the lawn

March 15, 2024 (Part 1)
Q: 17% of adults will do this during St. Paddy’s weekend?
A: Watch a show/movie with actors in it

March 15, 2024 (Part 2)
Q: The average American will finish this in July?
A:Pay off holiday debt

March 14, 2024
Q: 63% of adults would like to do this at a restaurant, but don’t?
A: Oder from the kid’s menu

March 13, 2024
Q: 39% of married men say this is the biggest complaint about their partner?
A: Complaining about co-workers

March 12, 2024
Q: 41% of families have this rule?
A: Assigned seats

March 5, 2024
Q: 65% of people have never experienced this?
A: Snow

March 4, 2024
Q: 29% of people have this for breakfast?
A: Soda

March 1, 2024
Q: 1 in 7 adult men still depend on their mother for this?
A: Taking their side in an argument

February 29, 2024
Q: 24% of people say this is their partners worst habit?
A: Leaving wet towels on the bed

February 28, 2024
Q: 21% of people forget this at least once a week?
A: What day of the week it is

February 27, 2024
Q: Doing this will decrease the odds of your partner cheating on you by 25%?
A: Having a gray car

February 26, 2024
Q: This is the most common food pet name for dogs?
A: Oreo

February 23, 2024
Q: 28% of women have made this wish when blowing out birthday candles?
A: Wishing to bring someone back

February 22, 2024
Q: Less than 1 in 10 people buy more junk food because of this?
A: They bring their own bags to the store

February 12, 2024
Q: 21% of people would never do this in public?
A: Sing

February 7, 2024
Q: 43% of women want this for Valentine’s Day?
A: To be left alone

February 5, 2024
Q: People who do this at least 3 times a week are generally meaner?
A: Watching Reality TV

January 31, 2024 (Part 1)
Q: 52% of Americans keep this even though it doesn’t work?
A: An air freshener

January 31, 2024 (Part 2)
Q: 37% of people have one of these that doesn’t work?
A: Cordless drill

January 26, 2024
Q: 28% of parents would rather clean the toilet than do this for their kids?
A: Being shirtless

January 25, 2024
Q: 30% of dads have embarrassed their daughters by doing this?
A: Packing their lunch

January 24, 2024
Q: 12 billion of these are sold annually, but do not cost you a thing?
A: Ketchup packets

January 23, 2024
Q: 24% of people feel guilty if they don’t do this every day?
A: Make their bed

January 22, 2024
Q: Over 300 of these have been left in hotels in the last year?
A: Prosthetic limbs

January 19, 2024
Q: Only 19% of kids do this on a daily basis?
A: Drink milk

January 18, 2024
Q: The average when Americans begin doing this, is 41?
A: Taking vitamins

January 17, 2024
Q: 18% of people clean this less than once a year?
A: Freezer

January 16, 2024
Q: 71% of men lie about this on a 1st date?
A: How often they go to the gym

January 15, 2024
Q: 53% of mothers do this when their kids aren’t home?
A: Play their video games

January 12, 2024
Q: 24% of women say this inspires them to lose weight?
A: Comments from their kids

January 11, 2024
Q: 13% of people who cheat have this in common?
A: They own a reptile

January 10, 2024
Q: 64% of managers will not hire you if you do this?
A: Don’t make eye contact

January 9, 2024
Q: More than 1 in 4 people do this when they sleep?
A: Laugh

January 8, 2024
Q: In the first week of January, 27% of woman told a friend about these intentions?
A: To purge some friends

January 5, 2024
Q: 47% of people admit to talking to this inanimate object?

January 4, 2024
Q: This happens to people 4 years sooner than it did in the 80s?
A: Turning gray

January 3, 2024
Q: 36% of employees say they would take this over a raise?
A: Their boss fired

January 2, 2024
Q: Over 3/4 of households with this item use it less tahn once a year?
A: Pool table

December 18, 2023
Q: 53% of employees say it’s never appropriate to do this at work?
A: Take shoes off

December 15, 2023
Q: What have over 1/2 of mothers warn their kids about?
A: Crossing their eyes

December 14, 2023
Q: 38% of millenials would end a relationship because of this?
A: Cutting hair without consultation

December 13, 2023
Q: 24% of delivery drivers hate delivering this?
A: Cat litter

December 12, 2023
Q: Women are 20% more likely to help out with this over a man?
A: Covering up a crime

December 11, 2023
Q: In the next 2 weeks, 41% of parents will say this?
A: “No snooping!”

December 8, 2023
Q: 11% of people will do this in the next 2 weeks?
A: Break up

December 7, 2023 (Part 2)
Q: 18% of women have bought this for a man when they are a loss at what to purchase?
A: PJs

December 7, 2023 (Part 1)
Q: 68% of people say they have not received a job because of this?
A: A social media post

December 6, 2023
Q: The average woman checks this out over 15 times more in a year than men?
A: Horoscopes

December 5, 2023
Q: 31% of kids are forced to learn this?
A: A musical instrument

December 4, 2023
Q: Men watch 65% more of this than women?
A: Roomba

December 1, 2023
Q: Starting today, 23% of people will decorate this?
A: Their bathroom/toilet

November 30, 2023
Q: We throw away roughly 7 million of these daily?
A: Pennies

November 29, 2023
Q: You can double your memory capacity by doing this?
A: Sleeping with an infuser or other essentail oils

November 27, 2023
Q: 18% of women say they lose interest i n aguy when he does this on a date?
A: Speak ill of her friends

November 22, 2023
Q: 8% of Americans are afraid of this household item?
A: Toilet

November 21, 2023
Q: 13% of people have an addiction to this food?
A: Cucumbers

November 20, 2023
Q: This is the 2nd most popular non-traditional gift?
A: Trip to Disney World

November 17, 2023
Q: Only 15% of mellenials have this in their kitchen?
A: Mandolin

November 16, 2023
Q: 27% of people are going to re-gift this present?
A: Purse

November 15, 2023
Q: 34% of women say when other women do this, they make all women look bad?
A: Smoking

November 14, 2023
Q: The older you are, the less likely you are to do this?
A: Cry

November 13, 2023
Q: 95% of people have done this embarrassing thing in public?
A: Trying to pull a push door

November 10, 2023
Q: 7% of people say they have broken a finger doing this?
A: Putting on a glove

November 9, 2023
Q: 22% of women are more likely to have this today then in year’s past?
A: Body hair

November 8, 2023
Q: 8% of people say this ruins a salad?
A: Cabbage

November 7, 2023
Q: 90% of kids will do this over the next month, compared to 10% of adults?
A: Eat snow

November 6, 2023
Q: You spend more than 11 days a year doing this?
A: Stuck in traffic/commute

November 3, 2023
Q: This is one of the least sanitized things yo encounter in public?
A: Freezer handles at grocery stores

November 2, 2023
Q: This is considered the most dangerous job in America?
A: President of the USA

November 1, 2023
Q: 35% of people say they will not return to a restaurant because of this?
A: They ran out of soap

October 31, 2023
Q: 1 out of 5 people have stolen these from work?
A: Silverware

October 30, 2023
Q: 16% of people say if you teach your kids this, they’ll be more successful?
A: To write “Thank You” cards

October 25, 2023
Q: Spending more time doing this makes you a more decent person?
A: Spend time in nature

October 24, 2023
Q: These are 2 keys for a better marriage?
A: Fear and excitement

October 23, 2023
Q: Boys are 80% more likely to do this on the playground than girls?
A: Ask for do-overs

October 20, 2023
Q: 56% of people don’t do this because it’s too expensive?
A: Used hat

October 19, 2023
Q: 54% of people say you should never sell this?
A: Cable

October 18, 2023
Q: 93% of peopl can identify this smell in just one second?
A: Peanut butter

October 16, 2023
Q: 23% of people say this is an instant mood boost?
A: Getting your car washed

October 13, 2023
Q: About 1/3 of American adults don’t know this about their hometown?
A: Their landmarks

October 12, 2023
Q: If you do this other people aaume that you’re 5 years older than you actuaklly are?
A: Speak with a large vocabulary

October 11, 2023
Q: Nearly 1 in 10 people between the ages of 20-40 are afraid of this?
A: Talking on the phone

October 10, 2023
Q: 56% of people say you should never do this on a flight?
A: Recline your seat

October 9, 2023
Q: 37% of people with a messy signature have this in common?
A: Being forgetful

October 6, 2023
Q: Over 1/2 of people say this is impossible to do this in their city?
A: A date

October 5, 2023
Q: 56% of Americans say they are great at this?
A: Social media

October 4, 2023
Q: 71% of people say this, non-body part, is a part of a person’s attractiveness?
A: The curb appeal of their house

October 3, 2023
Q: 23% of people say this is the best non-breakfast food to eat for breakfast?
A: Hot dogs

October 2, 2023
Q: 9% of people still have this from their first apartment?
A: Lava lamp

September 29, 2023
Q: In the fall, this is the 2nd most stressful thing for Americans?
A: Family visits

September 28, 2023
Q: 64% of women say they feel guilty daily about this?
A: Leaving the sink full of dishes

Septemebr 27, 2023
Q: 54% of people say their relationship is serious when they do this?
A: Share their streaming passwords

September 26, 2023
Q: 41% of women say that if you want to make them happy… Give them this gift?
A: Sleep

Septemebr 25, 2023
Q: 38% of Americans are reminded they’re out of shape when they attempt this?
A: Bringing in groceries

September 22, 2023
Q: 22% of people are going to buy this the first 2 weeks of fall?
A: NFL apparel

September 21, 2023
Q: 54% of Americans wish for this?
A: To be taller

September 20, 2023
Q: Parents spend 27% more time doing this than their kids?
A: Snacking

Septemebr 19, 2023
Q: Over 40,000 Americans a year are injured by this?
A: Jewelery

September 18, 2023
Q: Over half of women and 1/3 of men, must have this when they travel?
A: Their own pillow

September 15, 2023
Q: More than 20% of co-workers are doing this without your knowledge?
A: Snooping

Septemebr 14, 2023
Q: 23% of men over 40 refuse to throw this away?
A: Picture/momento of an Ex

September 13, 2023
Q: The average American throws this away with regularity?
A: Bread

September 12, 2023
Q: 34% of people would go into debt to buy this?
A: Concert tickets

September 11, 2023
Q: Over 3 in 10 adults have done this, and it happens more often on Monday?
A: Change while driving

September 8, 2023
Q: The average person has 9 of these?
A: Screens

September 7, 2023
Q: 21% of parents would not hire a babysitter because of this?
A: Poor conditioned vehicle

September 6, 2023
Q: This causes 4 out of 5 fights among friends?
A: Spoilers

September 5, 2023
Q: 14% of Americans did this for the final time this year over labor Day weekend?
A: Eat a hot dog

September 1, 2023
Q: If a man does this while talking, there’s a 77% chance he’s interested?
A: Adjust their sock

August 31, 2023
Q: If you smell like this people will find you more honest?
A: Lavender

August 30, 2023
Q: Nearly 1/3 of women would change this about themselves?
A: Confidence

August 29, 2023
Q: Nearly 1 out of 10 dads taught their kids this and kept it from mom?
A: Violent video games

August 28, 2023
Q: 88% of kids look up to this person as an example in life?
A: A coach

August 25, 2023
Q: 36% of people under 35 say this is outdated and should be canceled?
A: Marriage

August 24, 2023
Q: 28% of people say this is more important to have than a washer & dryer?
A: Wi-Fi

August 23, 2023
Q: 17% of women say this is a sure sign of insecurity in men?
A: Driving a sports car

August 22, 2023
Q: 14% of kids will get this for back-to-school?
A: A pair of glasses

August 21, 2023
Q: There is 50% more complaining by women on Mondays about this?
A: Their man

August 18, 2023
Q: Married couples fight after going here 45% of the time?
A: A party

August 17, 2023
Q: Almost 1 out of 4 dads say they are better at handling this than moms?
A: The “birds and the bees” talk

August 8, 2023
Q: Women do this handy task better than most men, and are more accurate, too?
A: Hitting a nail on the head

August 7, 2023
Q: 18-29 year olds have half as many of these compared to 20 years ago?
A: Callouses

August 4, 2023
Q: Almost 3/4 of men would not date a woman who does this?
A: Only Fans

August 3, 2023
Q: This the #3 best summer job for teens?
A: Tutor

August 2, 2023
Q: 1 in 4 adults, over 50, believe they could do this better than someone under 25?
A: Be an influencer

August 1, 2023
Q: 18% of moms have done this to teach their families a lesson?
A: Hidden clothes

July 31, 2023
Q: This the 3rd most borrowed item?
A: Jumper cables

July 28, 2023
Q: 4 in 10 people mispronounce this in a restaurant?
A: Jalapeno

July 27, 2023
Q: 36% of people do not want to see a picture posted of this from your vacation?
A: You trying to be sexy

July 26, 2023
Q: The average American employee spends 6 minutes and 32 seconds during the workday, on this?
A: Looking for a new job

July 25, 2023
Q: Around 1900 people go to the ER every year because of this?
A: Toothbrushes

July 24, 2023
Q: 4 out of 10 men and 1 out of 10 women have done this in their lives?
A: Been in a band

July 21, 2023
Q: Only 10% of families don’t do this common thing?
A: Save leftovers

July 20, 2023
Q: Men are 56% more likely to swipe right if a woman is doing this in their profile picture?
A: Flipping the bird

July 19, 2023
Q: What is the #1 cause of arguments between women?
A: The last available item at a store

July 18, 2023
Q: 76% of women want this car add-on, but only 30% of men do?
A: Extended warranty

July 17, 2023
Q: 33% of people have been in an argument because of this?
A: Not returning shopping carts

July 14, 2023
Q: You can earn up to 50% more in tips if you do this?
A: Wear pig tails

July 13, 2023
Q: A decade ago, nearly all high school students did this? This past year, only 32% did.
A: Hang out with friends daily

July 12, 2023
Q: What item conveys the most authority in the workplace?
A: Diploma

July 11, 2023
Q: Your marriage can last 30% longer if you do this?
A: Sleep at different times

July 7, 2023
Q: 40% of concert goers say this is something you should never do at a concert?
A: Do not bring a sign

July 6, 2023
Q: 57% of women who planned to be married next year want their partner to do this?
A: Ask their Dad for permission

July 5, 2023
Q: This is considered the most embarrassing thing people can do?
A: Sending a text to the wrong person
June 30, 2023
Q: 17% of people at a 4th of July BBQ will do this?
A: Bring their own chair

June 29, 2023
Q: The average American loses over $80 a year to this?
A: Prescriptions

June 28, 2023
Q: 39% of millennials get anxiety over this every day task?
A: Going to work

June 27, 2023
Q: This the #1 thing parents say “No” to in the summer?
A: Staying up late

June 15, 2023
Q: 36% of men still have this in their home?

June 16, 2023
Q: 19% of people will do this within a week of their wedding?
A: Kiss a stripper

June 14, 2023
Q: 14% of people want to get rid of this phrase?
A: “I appreciate you”

June 13, 2023
Q: 16% of people say they have hidden cash here?
A: Cowboy boots

June 12, 2023
Q: 19% of 90s kids did this at a childhood birthday party?
A: Suck helium from a balloon

May 31, 2023
Q: 29% of millennials make sure they have a condom when they go here?
A: Library

May 30, 2023
Q: 1 in 10 people believe they could do this difficult thing if given enough time?
A: Play a professional sport

May 26, 2023
Q: 39% of mechanics really dislike this when you do this to your car?
A: Leave it with an empty gas tank

May 25, 2023
Q: 57% of women would rather have this than an engagement ring?
A: Walk-in closet

May 24, 2023
Q: Over 900 millionaires in the U.S. made their millions this way?
A: Video Games

May 23, 2023
Q: 31% of American adults have never enjoyed this activity?
A: Going to a Drive-In

May 22, 2023
Q: Americans eat 30% more of this when they’re drunk?
A: Nachos

May 19, 2023
Q: Over the weekend The Big Fix found this on his car?
A: Bralette

May 18, 2023
Q: Rich people are hogging over half of this, as compared to the working class?
A: Water

May 17, 2023
Q: 18% of people say they would come back to the office/workplace for this?
A: Game Room/Lounge

May 16, 2023
Q: 42% of people are going to the internet for this instead of seeking professional advice?
A: Legal advice

May 15, 2023
Q: 24% of people say it’s tacky to tip this person?
A: Pharmacist

May 12, 2023
Q: What company has an underground vault with an example of everything they’ve ever made?
A: Legos

May 12, 2023
Q: More women than men know how to do this “manly” task?
A: Start a fire

May 11, 2023
Q: 27% of women are dreading this the most about their summer vacation?
A: Bad drivers

May 10, 2023
Q: 18-29 year-olds are buying this item at a rate of 30% higher than anyone else?
A: Typewriters

May 9, 2023
Q: 15% of Americans wish they could live this way?
A: Being able to read minds

May 8, 2023
Q: 1 out of 15 people plan to do this at a summer pool party/BBQ?
A: Pee in the pool

May 5, 2023
Q: What did BF’s step-dad do at their college graduation?
A: Tailgate/Bring a cooler of drinks

May 4, 2023
Q: 12% of men would give this up for $1.5 million?
A: Their best friend

May 3, 2023
Q: 11% of adult men still go to their mom for help with this?
A: Remembering their Social Security Number

April 27, 2023
Q: 8% of people have done this when relatives come to visit?
A: Sleep in a tent

April 26, 2023
Q: 38% of men believe that women should never do this?
A: Work on the car/Talk to the mechanic

April 25, 2023
Q: This is #3 on the list of things people never thought they would do when they became an adult?
A: Bird watching

April 24, 2023
Q: 16% of kids under 25 have never touched these?
A: Vitamins

April 21, 2023
Q: The #1 phrase that kids hate hearing from their parents?
A: “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

April 20, 2023
Q: Every year 2000 people go to the Emergency Room because of this?
A: Pizza

April 19, 2023
Q: 36% of men enjoy this when their partner does it? However, other men find it gross.
A: Belching

April 18, 2023
Q: The average person spends 5 1/2 months of their lives waiting on this?
A: Waiting for a web page/video to load

April 17, 2023
Q: 9 out of 10 people throw this away without using it/them?
A: Instructions

April 14, 2023
Q: 20% of dads embarrass their kids by doing this?
A: Cheering at sporting events

April 13, 2023
Q: 36% of couples never share this?
A: Food

April 12, 2023
Q: Men, on average, spend 28 days of their lives looking for_____?
A: Socks

April 11, 2023
Q: 26% of people have confessed to this inconsiderate move?
A: Not picking up dog poop

April 10, 2023
Q: This is the 4th most complained about thing men say about their partners?
A: Being told the truth when asking a question

April 7, 2023
Q: People who do this live 23% longer, on average, than those that don’t?
A: Read

April 6, 2023
Q: 21% of people intend to cut this out of their budget?
A: Going to weddings

April 5, 2023
Q: 18% of people do this once a week because of their poor memory?
A: Call themselves to find their phone

April 4, 2023
Q: This is considered to most BS profession?
A: Televangelist

April 3, 2023
Q: There is a 30% chance of having more success in your life if you have this trait?
A: Gratitude

March 31, 2023
Q: 23% of people say they need to know this before getting involved in a relationship?
A: Can the person cook

March 30, 2023
Q: 7% of men will get this in the next week?
A: Easter basket

March 29, 2023
Q: 4/5ths of people under 25 use this on their devices… Only 1/5 of older people do?
A: Subtitles

March 28, 2023
Q: 64% of people hate this spring activity?
A: Picnics

March 27, 2023
Q: 17% of American households are equipped with this?
A: Walk-in Shower

March 24, 2023
Q: 48% of high school and college age students say they use this for help with their homework?
A: Tik Tok

March 23, 2023
Q: 49% of people are confident they can do this? (Have the skill to do this?)
A: Kill a zombie

March 22, 2023
Q: 12% of people say these do not need to go in the fridge?
A: Pickles

March 20, 2023
Q: 31% of Gen Z’ers didn’t feel like an adult until they did this for the first time?
A: Do their own car repairs

March 17, 2023
Q: 27% of people don’t know this about their parents?
A: Criminal record

March 16, 2023
Q: Nearly 1 in 20 American drivers, at some point, are doing this?
A: Touching (adjusting) themselves

March 15, 2023
Q: The #1 thing that would boost office morale is what?
A: Swearing

March 14, 2023
Q: According to 23% of women, this should never happen on the first few dates?
A: Share dessert/Eat off their plate

March 13, 2023
Q: 41% of brides say they worry about this the most?
A: The toasts

March 10, 2023
Q: New couples take about 10 minutes for this when they first start dating… About 20 minutes after 2 years?
A: Respond to back messages

March 9, 2023
Q: 21% of people have this in their glove compartment or center console in their car?
A: Toothpaste

March 8, 2023
Q: 34% of people have stopped talking to someone because of this?
A: Something related to their kids

March 7, 2023
Q: Nearly 1 in 3 people will do this in the next 90 days?
A: Play an outdoor sport

March 6, 2023
Q: 13% of people did this for the first time since last year?
A: Change their pillow case

March 3, 2023
Q: 37% of people say they do this before going to bed?
A: Turn the heat down

March 2, 2023
Q: About 1 in 19 people have sought out this service and then dated the person providing it?
A: Mechanic

March 1, 2023
Q: 15% of people say this still use this phrase from when they were a kid?
A: Da Bomb!

February 28, 2023
Q: 19% of people have these at their home to impress guests… but don’t use them?
A: Books

February 27, 2023
Q: 17% of men say seeing this makes them feel really old?
A: License photo

February 17, 2023
Q: 72% of Americans, under 24, can not identify or have never seen this?
A: Overhead projector

February 16, 2023
Q: 15% of people use this item, that they didn’t pay for, in their homes?
A: Pint glass

February 15, 2023
Q: The average person can recite 7 of these?
A: Recipes

February 14, 2023
Q: This makes your partner hotter?
A: When they are wearing gym clothes

February 13, 2023
Q: 21% of people know this confidential thing about their neighbor?
A: The meds they are on

February 10, 2023
Q: 36% of 45-55 year old would like to do this?
A: Retire early

February 8, 2023
Q: The #1 pet peeve of the partners of the Morning Mix is this?
A: Forgetting their keys

February 7, 2023
Q: 7% of people have this unexpected item in their trunk?
A: Bible

February 6, 2023
Q: Desiree tried this food for the very first time over the weekend?
A: Grits

February 3, 2023
Q: This is the number 1 driving pet peeve?
A: Making a left turn and not moving over

February 2, 2023
Q: 15% of people have been distracted by this during “sexy” time?
A: Hair in the mouth

February 1, 2023
Q: 29% of Gen Z say they have this goal for adulthood?
A: To become a CEO

January 31, 2023
Q: If you do this, you’ll fall asleep 16% faster?
A: Fill out your To-Do List

January 30, 2023
Q: 95% of women agree that this is one of the most attractive thangs a man can do for her?
A: Listen

January 27, 2023
Q: Almost twice as many kids have this in their locker than kids 20 years ago?
A: Dry shampoo

January 26, 2023
Q: 38% of men do not know this about their partner?
A: Their celebrity crush

January 25, 2023
Q: 24% of Americans would rather spend a day in jail instead of this happening?
A: Totaling their car

January 24, 2023
Q: 7% of people have never heard of this?
A: A cassette

January 23, 2023
Q: Every day in the US people get injured doing this?
A: Riding their bike

January 20, 2023
Q: 9% of people will do this on Valentine’s Day?
A: Call an Ex

January 19, 2023
Q: 73% of women want this for Valentine’s Day?
A: Alone time

January 18, 2023
Q: 7:14pm is the most common time for this?
A: To open a bottle of wine

January 17, 2023
Q: 52% of drivers do not know ho to do this?
A: Change their windshield wipers

January 16, 2023
Q: 56% of people have fallen asleep with this?
A: Remote control

January 13, 2023
Q: 12% of women say they have done this in the bathroom?
A: Washed dishes in the bathtub

January 12, 2023
Q: 17% of people do this when they get take-out?
A: Keep food warm with seat warmer

January 11, 2023
Q: What did Jay purchase on Facebook marketplace today for $20.00?
A: A commode

January 10, 2023
Q: 37% of people have tried this only to completely fail?
A: Painting

January 9, 2023
Q: 65% of parents believe this to be true about their kids?
A: Spoiled

January 6, 2023
Q: Millions of households after the New Year, changed this for the first time in nine years?
A: Vacuum cleaner

January 5, 2023
Q: 37% of women have told a friend about this New Year intention?
A: Purging friends

January 4, 2023
Q: This is the #1 diet breaking food for 2023?
A: Chinese

January 3, 2023
Q: This is 27% more likely to happen to you the first week of the year, when compared to any other week?
A: Get fired

December 22
Q: 12% of guys, who have long since graduated high school, admit to still bragging about this?
A: A memorable fight

December 21
Q: 1 out of 9 people have missed work because of this?
A: More time with their pet

December 20
Q: 54% of men live by this rule?
A: 5 Second Rule

December 19
Q: 39% of kids want this bought for them for the holidays?
A: Travel home

December 15
Q: 38% of adults are embarrassed by this?
A: Their middle name

December 14
Q: 12% of people have injured themselves doing this during the holidays?
A: Cooking (getting burned)

December 13
Q: 88% of people under 40 have never used one of these?
A: Handkerchief

December 12
Q: 74% of Americans eat this at least once a week?
A: Peanut butter

December 9
Q: 40% of families have done this together?
A: Made Christmas cookies

December 8
Q: If you do this more than twice a month, you are much more likely to get a divorce in 3 years?
A: Roll your eyes

December 7
Q: 1/3 of men use this to improve their appearance?
A: Hair spray

December 6
Q: 14% of men have done this to impress a woman?
A: Light a scented candle

December 5
Q: 68% of millennials don’t have this common item?
A: Toaster oven

December 2
Q: 12% of women are annoyed by this when meeting another woman?
A: Having the same name

December 1
Q: 39% of people have never done this in their car?
A: Sat in the backseat

November 30
Q: 26% of people still have this hanging around from last year’s holidays?
A: Christmas catalog

November 29
Q: According to a survey, this is the best, most basic relationship advice?
A: Appreciate one another/Say “Thank you”

November 28
Q: 19% of parents of teens say they wish their child were more this?
A: Independent

November 23
Q: Pens are the #1 most borrowed item in the U.S. What’s #5?
A: Sweatshirt/Hoodie

November 22
Q: 21% of kids say this is the most annoying thing that their parents do?
A: Sing

November 21
Q: 53% of Americans have this anxiety already about the holidays?
A: Not spending the same as others

November 18
Q: 28% of people say their most embarrassing moment happened here?
A: Their wedding

November 17
Q: 47% of moms have this in their bag?
A: Underwear

November 16
Q: 21% of people still have this childhood item in their home?
A: Old sports equipment, jersey, etc.

November 15
Q: 17% of men say that women who are this, make better wives?
A: Overweight

November 14
Q: Over 4600 Americans suffer injuries from this annually?
A: Pencils

November 11
Q: 22% of people say this is an instant mood boost?
A: Getting a car wash

November 10
Q: 54% of people say they would not want this wish granted?
A: To live forever

November 9
Q: 28% of people say they should never have to tip here?
A: When getting coffee

November 8
Q: According to Google, over 2,000 Mainers misspell this word every month?
A: Calendar

November 7
Q: 14% of women are tired of being judged for this?
A: Being angry/Using harsh language

November 4
Q: 26% of women wish their man would do more of this around the house?
A: Asking, “What do you need help with?”

November 3
Q: 14% of parents go to their kids for this?
A: Discounts/Coupons

November 2
Q: 48% of people do this while watching a scary movie?
A: Root for the villain

November 1
Q: 19% of people regret doing this for the holidays?
A: Hosting a party

October 31
Q: Over 200,000 college students have done this to make extra money?
A: Dog walking

October 28
Q: 17% of people do not use this regularly?
A: A rewards card

October 27
Q: 21% of millennials are going into debt because of this?
A: Dating

October 26
Q: 56% of people say, This will never happen to me?”
A: Get scammed

October 25
Q: 28% of people would eat this if they were hungry enough?
A: Road kill

October 24
Q: 21% of women say men are universally bad at this?
A: Hitting the toilet (target) when going

October 21
Q: 16% of men over 40 are tired of being judged for this?
A: Type of alcohol judged

October 20
Q: 2/3 of Americans have something from an ex… 16% have this?
A: Exercise equipment

October 19
Q: 16 years and 7 months is the average age of trying this?
A: Using a debit or credit card

October 18
Q: People do this 16% more often in the winter than the summer?
A: Show up at work

October 14
Q: Women think about this 2 1/2 times more than men?
A: Building a new house

October 13
Q: Americans, on average, throw out 582 of these every second?
A: Disposable diapers

October 12
Q: There is an estimated 4,250,000 in the U.S. – and it’s out of doors?
A: Miles of roads

October 10
Q: 7% of people say they have never forgotten this one important memory?
A: Their first words

October 7
Q: 21% of people would give up their favorite food for a year, for a day or less, of this?
A: Peace & quiet

October 6
Q: 14% of people wish they could do this in public without judgement?
A: Drinking

October 5
Q: 46% of people would change this about their house?
A: Their neighbors

October 4
Q: Only 11% of people say THIS is cheating?
A: Having a dating app

October 3
Q: 64% of parents say this is easier to do with boys than girls?
A: Try new foods

September 30
Q: 11% of people had this embarrassing moment on a 1st date?
A: Ran out of gas

September 29
Q: 14% of people wish they had their ex back for what chore?
A: Driving for errands

September 28
Q: 17% of parents can’t stand when their kids repeat this?
A: “I’m hungry,” “What’s for dinner?”

September 27
Q: Just over 2 million Americans were victims of this minor inconvenience last year?
A: Canceling or rescheduling appointments

September 26
Q: Instead of a raise, 23% of employees would rather have this?
A: Better technology

September 22
Q: 7% of people have this under their bed?
A: A gift

September 21
Q: 19% of men wish their spouse would ask them to do this?
A: Quit their job

September 20
Q: 46% of people who live together disagree about how to do this?
A: Folding towels

September 19
Q: 7% of people say they still use this promotional item for a former employer?
A: Koozy drink warmer

September 16
Q: 37% of men would never do this in front of their mother?
A: Be distracted on their cellphones

September 15
Q: 16% of parents say they can’t send their child off to college without this?
A: Energy Drinks

September 14
Q: 27% of women avoid doing this so they won’t be called lazy?
A: Using paper plates

September 13
Q: 29% of women say it’s sexy when a man does this at the breakfast table?
A: Drinks milk from the bowl

September 12
Q: 27% of people under 30 say this is their biggest struggle in the kitchen?
A: Cooking with pasta

September 9
Q: 19% of American employees have done this questionable thing at work?
A: Dated a subordinate

September 8
Q: The average American spends 3.5 hours a year doing this?
A: Closing the toilet seat

September 7
Q: 8% of people say they would not date someone with this job?
A: Massage therapist

September 6
Q: 12% of people say this is the worst food to find a hair in?
A: Pancakes

September 1
Q: 11% of people say this should be free?
A: Air

August 31
Q: 26% of people say this is a dating deal breaker?
A: Eating in bed

August 30
Q: What’s the #1 cause of workplace accidents?
A: Falling

August 29
Q: 9% of adults regret not being able to do this anymore?
A: Playing the recorder

August 26
Q: 17% of women say their husband has had this mini emergency in the past year?
A: Can’t figure out how to work the coffee maker

August 25
Q: About 11,000 people will be injured by this this year?
A: Falling television

August 24
Q: Your kid’s backpack has 30 times more germs than your cellphone. What has 19 times more?
A: A coffee maker

August 23
Q: 8% of people have this in their wallet/purse?
A: An old hotel card

August 22
Q: 14% of parents will not buy this while back to school shopping, but maybe for Christmas?
A: Sweatshirts

August 12
Q: 8% of people discovered this about their partner while on vacation?
A: That they’re afraid to swim

August 11
Q: 1 out of 9 parents make this promise to their kids before they go back to school?
A: To pick them up early

August 10
Q: 16% of women do this because they think it makes them look hotter?
A: Get a belly button ring

August 9
Q: 28% of adults under 40 put this off way longer than adults over 40?
A: Changing their underwear

August 8
Q: 28% of adults under 40 put this off way longer than adults over 40?
A: Changing their underwear

August 4
Q: 100% of people say they would never name their son this?
A: Adolph

August 3
Q: Nearly 1 in 4 people say this event triggers almost as many emotions as the loss of a friend or family member?
A: The ending of a favorite TV show

August 2
Q: On average, each week, this is said 525 million times in the workplace?
A: Do you have a pen?

August 1
Q: 21% of parents say they would avoid hiring a babysitter with this?
A: Car in poor condition

July 29
Q: 15% of women say if their partner bought this without consulting with them, then they would dump them?
A: Engagement ring

July 28
Q: 12% of people say this is a warning sign not to eat at a restaurant?
A: Staff doesn’t greet you

July 27
Q: 2700 people will seek medical attention for this summer related injury?
A: Summer rash

July 26
Q: 62% of kids can not identify this item?
A: A film cannister

July 25
Q: 16% of adults, under 50, say this smell takes them instantly back to childhood summers?
A: A Beach Ball

July 22
Q: 8% of people say they would “swim with sharks’ for a lifetime supply of this?
A: Guacamole

July 21
Q: 39% of women go through their lives without this?
A: Wisdom teeth

July 20
Q: 28% of parents wish their kids took more an interest in this?
A: Eating something out of the ordinary

July 19
Q: 7% of people say if they won a significant amount of money in the lottery, that they would do this?
A: Roll around in it

July 18
Q: 12% of women say they would still do this with their ex?
A: Listen to music/Go to a concert

July 12
Q: According to research, when taking your summer road trip, this will happen every 20 miles?
A: You will swear

July 11
Q: One out of 6 millennials wish their parents taught them this?
A: How to conduct an interview

July 8
Q: 14% of drivers say this is the worst thing about their vehicle?
A: The payment

July 7
Q: 21% of women say other women at work wear these too often?
A: Slippers

July 6
Q: An estimated 6 million American households have this, that is unused?
A: Newspaper mailbox

July 5
Q: Over 35 million of these are still in use from the 90s?
A: Shot glass

July 1
Q: 17% of Americans find this act to be inconsiderate?
A: Leaving children unattended

June 30
Q: 41% of women say that guys with this skill should keep it to themselves?
A: Playing the harmonica

June 29
Q: 11% of people say this is their preferred way to end an argument?
A: With ice cream

June 28
Q: Compared to 5 years ago, 40% more people say they will consume this past it’s expiration date?
A: Ketchup

June 27
Q: 12% of say this is more attractive on a woman?
A: Long hair

June 24
Q: 18% of parents say they will save money by not doing this, this summer?
A: Getting haircuts

June 23
Q: 31% of people say they have an extra one of these in their car?
A: Pair of pants

June 22
Q: 19% of newly released prisoners said they missed this the most while being incarcerated?
A: Driving

June 21
Q: Nearly 1 out of 10 adults say this was the food that was the most fun to eat when they were a kid?
A: Pretzel rods

June 17
Q: 17% of women plan to do this for their husband this Father’s Day weekend?
A: Pick out his clothes to wear

June 16
Q: 7% of Americans have recycled this?
A: Aluminum foil

June 15
Q: 37% of people don’t know this fact about one of their parents?
A: What their first job was

June 14
Q: 13% of Dads want to do this for Father’s Day?
A: Cornhole

June 13
Q: If somebody used this expression, there’s a 90+% chance they’re over 45 years old?
A: Dollars for Donuts

June 10
Q: Jay’s 1st dance that he danced with a girl with was what?
A: Heaven

June 9
Q: 22% of women believe nothing is less sexy than a man with what?
A: Guns

June 8
Q: 1.2 million people will do this for the second time, this weekend?
A: Top Gun 2

June 7
Q: 27% of men say nothing is less sexy than a woman with a…?
A: Baby carriage

June 6
Q: 21% of people are avoiding this to save money this summer?
A: Streaming services

June 3
Q: 43% of people say they should replace this in their home right now?
A: Their toilet seat

June 2
Q: Mainers have a way of saying this word that really disturbs Hanson?
A: Elementary

June 1
Q: 44% of women say men should never wear this to work?
A: Tank top

May 31
Q: 21% of people over 40 felt old after having to buy this?
A: Fiber

May 27
Q: In the 5+ years Desiree has lived in her current home, she just recently used THIS for the 1st time?
A: Her front door

May 26
Q: 23% of people when shopping under the influence have made this purchase?
A: Concert tickets

May 25
Q: 47% of people say if they didn’t have this in their lives, they would have more anxiety?
A: Their commute

May 24
Q: Almost all kids find this gross… And 17% of adults still find this gross?
A: Parent’s sex life

May 23
Q: 16% of people have used this excuse for “passing on sexy times?”
A: Gas/Feeling bloated

May 20
Q: 39% of Americans, who will be traveling, hope to see this while on vacation?
A: Sunrise/Sunset

May 19
Q: A generation ago, over 70% of children had visited one of these… Now, it’s only 30%.
A: Circus

May 18
Q: 1 in 11 men have asked their wife or girlfriend to help with this task?
A: Pluck ear hair

May 17
Q: According to a new survey, this job has seen a 42% pay increase this year?
A: Waiters/Waitresses

May 16
Q: 15% of women say they have been hit in the face with this?
A: Yogurt

May 12
Q: 13% of people say they have hit this while driving?
A: Their garage

May 11
Q: Only 9% of millennials have never used one of these?
A: A TV without a remote

May 6
Q: 14% of adults say when they were a kid with a loose tooth they attempted to remove it by doing this?
A: Have a relative or friend pull it out

May 5
Q: 18% of people said that if they had to move out of their home state, they would miss this the most?
A: Their doctor

May 4
Q: 28% of women say if a guy does this in the car on a first date, that there would not be another date?
A: Blow the horn

May 2
Q: If you smell this before talking with someone, 565 of people say they’ll be more patient?
A: Coffee
April 29
Q: 17% of men say women can never look sexy when doing this?
A: Coughing

April 28
Q: 32% of people say they never wash these?
A: Vegetables

April 27
Q: 18% of people say that when they were kids, their parents used to say this to them?
A: Go play in the traffic

April 25
Q: 14% of women say if they forget these in the morning, then they will have a lousy day?
A: Cigarettes

April 22
Q: 28% of people say you should take this to the beach?
A: Cigarettes

April 21
Q: Of the people who have one of these. 2/3 have a nickname for it?
A: A guitar

April 20
Q: 27% of young women say they always have this with them on a first date?
A: Their dog

April 19
Q: Doctors do this 35% more often at work than other professions?
A: Work when they are sick

April 18
Q: 48% of adults had one of these as a kid and 20% say they still have it?
A: Nickname

April 15
Q: 54% of us think our partner looks hotter in this?
A: Their gym clothes

April 14
Q: 68% of women say they have done this after a break-up, but only 105 of men have done it?
A: Change their sheets

April 13
Q: In the produce department, this was the most expensive item, per pound, Jay & Desiree found?
A: Afghan Almonds

April 12
Q: 7% of women at restaurants have asked to be seated at a different table because of this?
A: A warm/hot seat

April 11
Q: 22% of perspective car buyers have done this on a test drive?
A: Bring their pet along for the ride

March 28
Q: According to a recent survey, 11% of adults say they have smoked weed in this place?
A: McDonald’s

March 25
Q: What does Desiree put maple syrup into when she cooks it?
A: Spaghetti

March 24
Q: The average American home has 5.2 pounds of these?
A: Candles

March 23
Q: C27% of moms say they never seem to have enough of these?
A: Baby wipes

March 22
Q: Couples on average will travel 127 miles, one-way, for this?
A: To purchase an engagement ring

March 18
Q: 12% of people have taken credit for this at work?
A: Bringing in pastries, coffee, etc.

March 17
Q: 1 in 10 parents can get their kids to eat veggies by doing this?
A: Cover them in butter

March 16
Q: 16% of people say this place is among the most romantic to share a kiss?
A: Car wash

March 15
Q: 23% of frequent air travelers say this is their biggest complaint when disembarking?
A: Clapping

March 14
Q: 17% of Americans crave dessert after they do this?
A: Watching porn

March 11
Q: 23% of Americans say they would have more happiness in their lives if they had a couple more of these?
A: Cup holders

March 10
Q: In March, Americans will spend on average $22 for this?
A: Mailbox

March 9
Q: 12% of people wish they did not know this about their neighbor?
A: How they discipline their kids

March 8
Q: 23% of women say if they see a guy that they’re dating coming out of this place, it’s a deal breaker?
A: Tanning salon

March 7
Q: 14% of men have neglected this for more than 30 days?
A: Not cleaning their coffee cup

March 4
Q: 2 1/2 million Americans have a picture of one of these on their phone?
A: Rainbow

March 3
Q: The average adult experiences this 134 times per month?
A: Craving

March 2
Q: Less than 1 in 10 women find a man sexy in this?
A: Pair of cover-alls

March 1
Q:  11% of people say they have done this to save on their electric bill?
A: Stop using blow dryers

February 25
Q:  9% of men would rather do this chore than spend time with their family?
A: Cleaning the drain

February 24
Q:  23% of people have done this before quitting their job?
A: Call mom

February 23
Q:  Men are 14% more frequently afraid of this, than women ?
A: Public speaking

February 22
Q:  Veterinarians say this is the 9th most common non-food item consumed by pets ?
A: Ammo

February 10
Q:  If a man does this before approaching a woman for a date, he is 10% more likely to end up in the bedroom?
A: Put away his cellphone

February 9
Q:  15% of people say they could eat this every day for a month without getting tired of it?
A: Beans

February 8
Q:  11% of American household have these under one of their beds?
A: Dirty dishes

February 7
Q:  7% of people in a relationship say this would be just enough for Valentine’s Day?
A: A playlist

February 4
Q:  14% of people say that when they own this, they have made it?
A: Life insurance policy

February 3
Q:  15% of women believe it’s okay to keep this purchase a secret from their spouse?
A: Gym membership

February 2
Q:  This is the 7th best retirement job?
A: Barista

January 28
Q:  Over 4.000,000 Americans dream about this place once a month?
A: Their childhood home

January 27
Q:  The #2 thing New Englanders are looking forward to this spring is what?
A: Not filling their fuel tanks

January 26
Q:  13% of adults say if they forget to take this on vacation, they would NOT have a good time?
A: Their favorite snacks

January 25
Q:  18% of pick-up truck owners also have this?
A: A name for their truck

January 24
Q:  The average American has about 300 “I forgot” moments per year. 11% of these involve what?
A: Taking prescription meds

January 21
Q:  27% of U.S. employees say that doing this at work helped to get them a promotion?
A: Providing technical support

January 19
Q:  12% of guys have a secret on this person?
A: Childhood best friend

January 17
Q:  42% of people think it’s best for women to give this up by the age of 40?
A: Crossing legs

January 14
Q:  It now takes you a minute and 22 seconds longer to do this, than it did before the pandemic?
A: Going through a drive-thru

January 13
Q:  37% of people have signed up for during the past year?
A: Dating service

January 12
Q:  19% of people pay for this to avoid being inconvenienced?
A: Pumping gas

January 7
Q:  13% of women say this phrase should be banned from arguments?

A: “You’re so irrational”

January 6
Q:  It costs you an average of 29 cents per minute to use this?

A: A car

January 5
Q:  #3 on the list of things moms have confesses they accidentally fed their kids?

A: Pet food

January 4
Q:  59% of people would not buy these used?

A: Earrings

January 3
Q:  11% of people will make this upgrade in 2022?

A: Their partner

December 23
Q:  85% of kids, but only 10% of adults, will eat this during the holidays?

A: Snow

December 22
Q:  11% of people say this is their favorite part of Christmas?

A: Wrapping gifts

December 21
Q:  During the past 12 months Americans have bought 840,000 tons of this?

A: Charcoal

December 16
Q:  45% of American families consider this a holiday tradition?
A: Buying a gift for their pets

December 15
Q:  31% of people say they would take an illegal drug if it would give them this power?
A: Erase memories

December 14
Q:  Families are more likely to sing this holiday song, more than any other, on a road trip?
A: Jingle Bells

December 13
Q:  In December, people are 27% less likely to describe themselves as this??
A: Introverted

December 10
Q:  Men are 18% more likely to share this with their partner than women?
A: Cellphone password

December 9
Q:  7% of of people will give a gift to this (non-family) person this holiday?
A: Babysitter

December 8
Q:  38% of kids will do this between now and Christmas?
A: Cry on Santa’s lap

November 24
Q:  7% of people will serve this as a Thanksgiving side dish?
A: Chicken nuggets

November 23
Q:  36% of people will do this before their Thanksgiving guests arrive?
A: Light a scented candle

November 22
Q:  According to women, the third most annoying thing about men is…?
A: Being lazy

November 19
Q:  14% of women have done this in the bathroom?
A: Write a letter

November 18
Q:  47% of people would change this about their workplace?
A: The coffee

November 17
Q:  14% of people have skipped a day of work because of this during the past year?
A: Up to late making “Whoopie!”

November 16
Q:  75% of people will eat this even if it’s been left out for 24 hours?
A: Jam or jelly

November 15
Q:  23% of adults say they are better at this physical task than they were at 21?
A: Kissing

November 12
Q:  48 is the average age that a person stops caring about this?
A: Cellphone

November 4
Q:  11% of people think this is the most overpaid position in America?
A: Pharmacist

November 3
Q:  The average guy says he has five of these?
A: Jokes

November 2
Q:  14% of people always do this at a restaurant?
A: Wipe their silverware

November 1
Q:  14% of drivers have accidentally backed into this?
A: Their own garage

October 29
Q:  19% of Americans will say this to someone this morning?
A: “I Love You!”

October 28
Q:  The 6th biggest way Dads have embarrassed themselves to their daughters is…?
A: Taking their shirt off in public

October 27
Q:  Jay accidently left a business with something he didn’t for… What was it??
A: Tube from the credit union drive-thru

October 26
Q:  According to statistics, on Tuesdays we are more likely to do this at work?
A: Take a poop

October 25
Q:  47% of men say they would willingly make this change to their appearance, if their partner asked?
A: Teeth whitening

October 22
Q:  The average woman has this thought 3 times a week?
A: “I hate my clothes!”

October 21
Q:  53% of people under 25 have never bought one of these
A: A cup of coffee

October 19
Q:  This is the second most recognizable commercial jingle in New England?
A: Foxwoods

October 15
Q:  38% of people say doing this brings them instant happiness?
A: Hugs

October 14
Q:  People who did this in high school earn 25% more money?
A: Writing

October 13
Q:  56% of men say they need more of this in their lives?
A: Sunshine

October 12
Q:  18% of women do this at least 1 time a week to save money?
A: Download an app

October 11
Q:  29% of people do not know this about their partner?
A: Their favorite salad dressing

October 8
Q:  40% of people who eat more of this have a more sexually adventurous life?
A: Hot peppers

October 6
Q:  After the COVID shut-down, there was a 17% increase in doing this on a first date?
A: Kareoke

October 5
Q:  43-years old is the average age to NOT do this?
A: Tik Tok videos

September 23
Q:  The average American employee spends 2 hours and 50 minutes per week doing this?
A: Complaining about their job

September 22
Q:  Moms are 36% more likely to this to their kids than Dads are?
A: Keep money found in the laundry

September 16
Q:  7% of people say they have done this in the bathroom?
A: Drink a beer

September 15
Q:  There is something in the average households that can travel 100 mph?
A: A champagne cork

September 14
Q:  36% of adults will do this in preparation for Halloween?
A: Watch scary movies

September 13
Q:  People who identify themselves as being a positive thinker are more likely to have this on their workplace desk?
A: A radio

September 10
Q:  12% of tattoo artists have been asked to do this tattoo?
A: Pet’s name

September 7
Q:  12% of adults say when they did this as a child they shouldn’t have survived?
A: Playing with fireworks

September 3
Q:  14% of people will leave your BBQ early if you don’t offer this?
A: Games to play”

September 2
Q:  27% of women say if a guy opens an email or text with this______, then it makes them less attractive?
A: “Howdy!”

August 31
Q:  11% of women say this is the most calming part of grocery shopping?
A: The mist sprayed over the produce

August 30
Q:  80% of us have done this before taking a long drive?
A: Turn around and go back, because we forgot something

August 29 (2nd question)
Q:  35% of people say they have never used this in their car?
A: Their horn

August 29 (1st question)
Q:  15% of former vegans say this is the first food they bought?
A: Filet of fish

August 28 (2nd question)
Q:  The average American will use 472,000 of these during their lifetime?
A: Sheets of toilet paper

August 28 (1st question)
Q:  90% of people put this off last year… Down to 40% this year?
A: Getting a haircut

August 27
Q:  This, on average, lasts 4 minutes and 17 seconds?
A: Hic-cups

August 19
Q:  If a woman does this around a man, his testosterone levels can drop by as much as 20%?
A: Paint her nails

August 18
Q:  When Jay Hanson last lost his keys, he found them where?
A: A cereal box

August 17
Q:  24% of of people mispronounce this?
A: “for all intents and purposes”

August 13
Q:  16% of cat owners and 12% of dog owners admit that they share this with their pets?
A: A comb or hair brush

August 12
Q:  5% of people only eat these at a fair?
A: Tacos and burritos

August 11
Q:  In the past year, 8% say they’ve been hit in the face with this?
A: A rubber band

August 10
Q:  70% of adults have not done this in the past 5 years?
A: Make a new friend

August 9
Q:  53% of kids and adults say they do not know this fact about their parents?
A: What their first job was

August 6
Q:  7% of newlywed wives admit to wanting their husbands to get rid of this?
A: Trophies & Awards

August 5
Q:  The average woman has 6 of these?
A: Medications

July 22
Q:  17% of Americans are embarrassed to buy this?
A: Cold sore cream

July 20
Q:  Over 2.5 million people say they will do this in the second half of the year to save money?
A: Get rid of cable

July 16
Q:  8% of moms say they put hot dogs in this?
A: Eggs

July 15
Q:  11% of men admit they have a fear of this?
A: Selfies

July 14
Q:  14% of kids have borrowed this from a parent?
A: Travel mug

July 12
Q:  95% of people who win $10,000 or more in a lottery will do this?
A: Gain weight

July 2
Q:  ER’s and Urgent Care doctors remove an average of 240 of these each year from patients?
A: Hard boogers

July 1
Q:  Jay spent $763 on this in 2020?
A: Gym attire

June 30
Q:  12% of people say they still remember this useless piece of information from years ago?
A: Video game cheat sheets

June 29
Q:  8% of women have used this excuse for being late for work?
A: Wardrobe malfunction

June 28
Q:  Men are 45% more likely to do this before 10am?
A: Quit

June 24
Q:  Teens used this 25% more often in the 80s than they do today?
A: Wrist watches

June 23
Q:  9% of adult kids say they live with their parents because of this reason?
A: They believe their parents need their help

June 17
Q:  16% of women say they’ve acquired this trait from their dad?
A: Toe length

June 16 (#1)
Q:  People who spend 2 hours and 40 minutes per week on this are more likely to advance in their careers?
A: Play video games

June 16 (#2)
Q:  70% of women say a guy who does this on a first date at a restaurant would most likely not get a second date? (Only 50% of men said the same about their first date.)
A: Licking their dish

June 15
Q:  About 1/4 of Dads like this pizza combo?
A: Onion & sausage

June 14
Q:  14% of those surveyed said that by the time you hit 30, you should no longer have one of these in your home?
A: Dream Catcher

June 11
Q:  19% of women do this if they knew their partner would never find out?
A: Have a second source of income

June 10
Q:  17% of men have to get permission from their partner to do this?
A: Go grocery shopping

June 9
Q:  13% of people say this is the worst food to find hair in?
A: Pan cakes

June 8
Q:  15% of people believe if there is one of these in their neighborhood, it will reduce their property value?
A: A “No Trespassing” sign

June 7
Q:  4% of people say this is their favorite ice cream flavor?
A: Neopolitan

June 4
Q: We do on average this 30 minutes a day and 40 minutes a day on the weekends?
A: Complaining

June 3
Q: This game is #3 on the list of games that caused 90s kids to fight?
A: Double Dare

June 2
Q: The average time for this to happen is 1:37pm?
A: Checking your bank balance

June 1
Q: 11% of people say they are still at their current job because their boss allows them to do this??
A: Come in late

May 28
Q: 7% of Americans hosting a BBQ say, “Don’t bring this!”?
A: A cell phone

May 27
Q: 59% of people prefer to do this alone… 7% always do it alone?
A: Eat ice cream

May 26
Q: 12,000 Americans will do this on their vacation this year?
A: Fight

May 25
Q: These have increased 175% in sales since the pandemic began?
A: Alarm clock

May 24
Q: 22% of parents cringe when their child does this, but they don’t try to stop it?
A: Belching

May 21
Q: 15% of adults say this was the ultimate job when they were a teenager?
A: Working in a movie theater

May 20
Q: 17% of Americans say this makes them feel sophisticated?
A: Listening to Public Radio

May 19
Q: According to a new survey, 11-years old and 4 months, is the average age a child should be able to do this?
A: Wear a bikini

May 18
Q: 12% of people over 35 say this makes them feel old?
A: When a song they grew up with is played as an oldie

May 17
Q: Over 2 million Americans split this purchase with other households?
A: A cow

May 13
Q: 8% of women have created a public confrontation by doing this?
A: Shushing

May 12
Q: 17% of people say this was one of the most embarrassing things to happen to them on a date?
A: Forgetting their name

May 10
Q: 1 out of 9 guys say they would do this during the summer, if they weren’t not ridiculed for it?
A: Ride a bike

May 7
Q: 8% have used this excuse when being stopped for speeding.
A: Sexy times

May 6
Q: There are 180 million of these on-line, right now!?
A: Ebay items

May 5
Q: 13% of of men say they’ve had this thrown at them?
A: Pocket change

May 4
Q: 11% of of women miss this about their high school days?
A: Car washes

May 3
Q: 16% of guys would like to play this again, when thinking about childhood summer games?
A: Laser Tag

April 30
Q: 97% of Americans have never touched one of these, though there are over 50,000 of them?
A: Electric car chargers

April 29
Q: 8% of women say if a guy orders this on a first date, that it’s a red flag!?
A: A Bud Light

April 28
Q: 15% of people say they could do without doing this outdoor task?
A: Checking the mail

April 27
Q: 8% of people say they borrowed, but not returned this?
A: A travel mug

April 26
Q: People who work in this profession are 27% less likely to wear underwear?
A: Lawyers

April 23
Q: 8% of people say this is a must have at a picnic?
A: A pickle

April 22
Q: Bachelors are 23% more likely to have this for breakfast than a married man?
A: A candy bar

April 21
Q: 6% of employees say their boss has asked someone on their staff to do this personal task?
A: Clean the bosses car

April 20
Q: Guys who lie to a new girlfriend can keep up this non-truth for about two weeks?
A: That he’s a vegetarian

April 19
Q: 1 of 7 women sat this needs to be replaced in their household, but they are procrastinating to do it?
A: Replacing the toilet seat

April 16
Q: 11% of people have this in common with their pet?
A: Enjoy the same treats

April 14
Q: 19% of people with neighbors say they would like this outlawed?
A: The smell of smoke

April 13
Q: Managers are 30% more likely to find an employee to be more favorable if that employee can do this in less than 15 seconds?
A: Leave a voice mail

April 12
Q: This spring we will throw out 37 million of these?
A: Mismatched Tupperware pieces

April 8
Q: 21% of millennials sat they weren’t prepared for this adult task?
A: Meal prep

April 7
Q: 11% of moms have saved this for 20 years or more?
A: Report cards

April 6
Q: Women are 243% more likely to do this at the movie theater?
A: Walk out on a scene they are offended by

April 5
Q: Over 95% of Americans say they trust the elderly over this?
A: Questions about postage

April 2
Q: Why did Desiree cry at the drive-thru?
A: They asked her to drive forward and they would bring her order out when ready.

April 1
Q: 2% of people will do this today?
A: Pee their pants

March 31
Q: 1 in 9 men did this for the first time during the pandemic?
A: Read-a-Book

March 30
Q: When parents, of these households, decided where to go on vacation, this was a deciding factor?
A: Social media worthy (Their pictures would look great on social media)

March 29
Q: On average, this happens every 2.3 miles while traveling?
A: An “F” or “S” bomb

March 26
Q: 13% of passengers say this is the most annoying thing that a driver does?
A: Steer the car with their knees

March 25
Q: Right now, 71,000 people in the U.S. are doing this?
A: Flying

March 24
Q: 14% of people surveyed say this is one of the most annoying things about their co-workers??
A: Over observing social distance protocols (Staying too far away!)

March 23 
Q: Nearly 1 out of 10 weddings this year will feature this?
A: A pet

March 22 (Question 1)
Q: Of all the people that have admitted to shoplifting at a supermarket, 18% say they have taken this?
A: Raw meat

March 22 (Question 2)
Q: During the 80s & 90s, 41% of kids had this board game?
A: Candy Land

March 17
Q: 15% of moms say this has put them in a foul mood before the kid even start their classes?
A: Toothpaste left in the sink

March 18
Q: 7% of women will commit this etiquette violation this summer?
A: Eating a hot dog in less than 3 bites

March 18
Q: 31% of people who have received a promotion in the past yea have this in common?
A: They wear a logo of their workplace

March 16
Q: If tested, 65% of people would fail at this driving maneuver?
A: Driving a rotary properly

March 15
Q: 8% of women have blamed a failed diet on this?
A: Facebook (posts)

March 12
Q: According to a study, 41 3/4 years is the average age when you’re too old to be doing this?
A: Dancing in public

March 10
Q: 12% of people are looking for a new job because of this?
A: Current employment doesn’t allow use of cell phones

March 9
Q: 18% of women have worn this to feel sexy?
A: Hair ribbon

March 8
Q: 86% of people under 25 never used one of these, but most of their parents have?
A: Letter Opener

March 3
Q: 17% of people say they will do this when on vacation while traveling this summer?
A: Get a souvenir for their pet

Feb. 26
Q: 27% of men and 15% of women say they want this back from childhood?
A: Baseball glove

Feb. 25
Q: 23% of women say they would actually pay their partner to do this?
A: Give them a foot massage

Feb. 24
Q: 19% of women say they footed the bill for this for someone they just met?
A: a Taxi

Feb. 23
Q: 12% of people have had this in their car for over a year?
A: Underwear

Feb. 22
Q: Couples who do this together see a 20% increase in levels of the love hormone, oxytoxin?
A: Play a board game together

Feb. 19:
Q: 23% of people feel comfortable flirting here?
A: The Drive-Thru

Feb. 18:
Q: 6% of people say they regret this after drinking wine?
A: Being emotional

Feb. 17:
Q: A Survey of couples married at least 20 years says this simple gesture is a turn on?
A: Saying “You’re a great cook!”

Feb. 16:
Q: In 2019, 7% thought this would be a good idea for a first date, now, it’s 20%
A: Karaoke

Q: 15% of servers wish their customers would stop doing this?
A: Sitting together on the same side of the booth or table

Q: 18% of people admit to doing this as a guest in someone’s home?
A: Pretending to like the food…and throwing it out

Q: During the past year, the number one reason family members text one another is food. What is the second most common reason?
A: To say “I Love You”

Q: 17% of people say this would make the perfect pandemic era date?
A: Playing video games together

Q: 31% of people say it’s been over a month since they have used this?
A: Cash

Q: According to scientists, four million adult Americans have never done this?
A: Given a compliment

Q: The average American consumed almost thirteen pounds of this last year?
A: Breakfast cereal

Q: 27% of parents say they would do this if they thought their kids wouldn’t catch them?
A: Wear their clothes

Q: On average, each of us experience this 1,457 times per year?
A: Dreams

Q: 23% of people would like to change this about their vehicle?
A: The size of the gas tank

Q: 8% of people say that if they were to win MegaMillions or Power Ball they would make this one of their first purchases?
A: They would hire a well-known celebrity to chill with

Q: 19% of women have eaten this exclusively in order to lose weight?
A: Baby food

Q: 11% of people have done this while exercising?
A: Ripped their pants

Q: 23 % of men say they are jealous of one of their friends over this?
A: The friend is a beer connoisseur

Q: 28% of women said their life would improve if they had an extra hour to do this?
A: Meal planning

Q: 18% of women will do this three times this month?
A: Shave

Q: 13% of at-home workers have called out for this reason?
A: To clean their house

Q: During December, 14% of households had this tacked up on their refrigerator?
A: A credit card bill

Q: 16% of adults say that as a child they asked for this for Christmas, but did not get it?
A: A knife

Q: During the past year, 4,500 Americans have gone to the emergency room to be treated for thIs?
A: A pizza burn

Q: 10% of men will begin to do this once they turn 52?
A: Whistle through their teeth when they speak

Q: This year during the holidays, 11% of households will have an argument about this?
A: Whether it is too soon to play Christmas music

Q: This Christmas, 17% of moms are asking Santa for this?
A: Scratch tickets

Q: 43% of households have one of these, but haven’t used it in five years?
A: An artificial Christmas tree

Q: When we were kids, 71% of our parents would not allow us to do this. Now, as parents, about half of us permit it?
A: Swearing

Q: 11% of people who do not consider themselves to be shoplifters say they have stolen this?
A: Teeth whitener

Q: 21% of men have told this lie to get out of a relationship?
A: That they live with their parents

Q: A recent survey concluded this is the worst question you can ask on a first date?
A: Does someone else still have feelings for you?

Q: 71% of people love the smell of this, while 19% dislike it?
A: The smell of bacon

Q: 15% of women have lied to their best friend about this?
A: Their children’s behavior

Q: 17% of people think this is the rudest thing others do around the house?
A: Adjust the thermostat

Q: 9% of people say this is stressing them out the most?
A: Helping kids with their homework

Q: Last year, one in ten kept this secret from their significant other…this year it is one in forty?
A: Traffic tickets

Q: Last year only 12%, but this year 25% of people look forward to doing this during the holidays?
A: Wrapping gifts

Q: Americans are using 47% more of this in 2020 than we did last year?
A: Scotch tape

Q: 18% of people have experienced this awkward situation during the past year?
A: Accidentally scolded the wrong child

Q: 18% of people have experienced this awkward situation during the past year?
A: Accidentally scolded the wrong child

Q: 35% of couples say they argue less because of this?
A: They don’t share a checking account/debit card

Q: U.S. households have 24% more of these than they did at this time last year?
A: Pregnancy tests

Q: 16% of parents have asked their kids to do this thing that kids really don’t want to do?
A: Taste test their food

Q: Pre-COVID, 10% of buyers would check this out before purchasing a home, but now that number is only 2%?
A: The neighbors

Q: Since the pandemic began, there has been an 18% increase in the fear of this?
A: Poop

Q: 25% of couples say this phrase will start an argument?
A: “Do you hear yourself?”

Q: The average American spends two hours and fifty minutes a week doing this?
A: Complaining at work

Q: 17% of people say you shouldn’t talk about this until you’ve been dating for at least six months?
A: Your fears

Q: 17% of people say they don’t get enough of this?
A: Time with their pet

Q: 17% of people say they don’t get enough of this?
A: Time with their pet

Q: 15% of men have this pet peeve about the woman in their life?
A: Putting a nearly empty container back in the fridge

Q: 15% of women don’t like being called this by their husband?
A: Trophy Wife

Q: 38% of men have had a crush on this woman who is part of his wife’s life?
A: The babysitter

Q: 13% of pet owners have argued over this?
A: Whether or not to dress their pet

Q: 9% of people say this is the oldest thing in their home?
A: A wedding dress

Q: 1 in 7 Americans think it’s inappropriate to eat this on a plane?
A: A lollipop

Q: 18% of people say they would judge you to be a poor driver if you do this?
A: Drive with a pet in your lap

Q: 15% of parents with adult children living at home expect them to follow this rule?
A: Leave the thermostat alone

Q: Americans throw out 29 million of these each day?
A: Slices of bread

Q: 73% of men think this makes them more attractive, but only 40% of women agree?
A: Wearing an earring

Q: 17% of homeowners say they have been irritated by neighbors who do this?
A: Kids playing their musical instrument

Q: On average, parents will allow their children to do this for the first time when they are 9 years and 7 months old?
A: Mow the lawn

Q: 17% of new teen drivers say this causes them the most anxiety behind the wheel?
A: Going through the drive-thru

Q: The average adult considers 11 options before purchasing this?
A: Eyeglasses

Q: 12% of people keep bananas in their refrigerator, meanwhile 8% of people keep this in their fridge?
A: Bread

Q: 13% of workers will do this at work and regret it?
A: Eat something from the vending machine

Q: 13% of workers will do this at work and regret it?
A: Eat something from the vending machine

Q: 8% of men have used this as a toothpick?
A: The corner of a sugar packet

Q: In the average week, women think about this 11 times while men only think about it 4 times?
A: Drinking wine

Q: 4% of Mainers have never eaten this?
A: A taco

Q: 48% of women wished they looked more graceful while doing this?
A: Opening a bottle of wine

Q: Only 16% of people have this talent, but nearly half wish they did?
A: They know how to drive a stick shift

Q: Last year, 31% of people included this in their summer plans. This year it’s almost 50%?
A: Going to the drive-in

Q: It has been five years and four months since the average American adult has done this?
A: Made a new friend

Q: 28% of dads have embarrassed their daughter by doing this?
A: Flirting with their friend

Q: 57% of parents will only allow their kids to do this while on vacation?
A: Watch a scary movie

Q: 37% of people say the last time they yelled for help, they were doing this?
A: Trying to open a difficult box

Q: 27% of people say that this word, intended to be a compliment, is insulting?
A: You’ve got it “together”

Q: 41% of people have returned from vacation and lied about this?
A: They claimed to have no cell service

Q: 58% of women say it is a turn-off if a guy owns this?
A: Ripped jeans

Q: 4% of people say they have this under their bed?
A: Empty bottles

Q: 6% of people have done this as a way of socially distancing while dating?
A: Gardening

Q: The average U.S. family of four saved $218 on this during the first half of 2020 compared to last year?
A: Birthday parties

Q: 21% of women have caught their partner doing this?
A: Scratching themselves with a kitchen utensil

Q: 19% of men say they can’t get serious with a partner if she doesn’t do this?
A: Read

Q: 27% of people regret this about their high school days?
A: The car they drove

Q: 11% of people have brought this to a friend’s house because they don’t like the kind their friend offers?
A: Popcorn

Q: 7% of people did this in 2019, but this year that number is expected to double?
A: Buy a brand new car

Q: Only 13% of people did this pre-lockdown. Now, that number is expected to be 30%?
A: Ride a bicycle

Q: 14% of people say they’ve gotten a bit rusty on this while driving since the pandemic?
A: Remembering which side of their vehicle the gas cap is on

Q: 27% of women say that if they saw this in their date’s car, it would be a deal breaker?
A: A scratch ticket

Q: 13% of people seeking a divorce sighted this as the reason?
A: Their partner doesn’t text enough

Q: People who do this every day are 20% more likely to have more friends?
A: Make their bed

Q: People who wear masks are 30% more likely to also wear this?
A: Sunglasses

Q: 12% of people say they did this for the first time during the COVID-19 shutdown?
A: Opened a package of Oreos and eaten an entire row

Q: 6% of people say they have tried this on a hamburger?
A: Pepperoni (Happy Hamburger Day!)

Q: 13% of people wish this service would return?
A: Diaper service

Q: 13% of people have tried and failed at doing this during quarantine?
A: Making hand sanitizer

Q: 36% of people say they wish they had taken an online course on this topic during the shut down?
A: Pairing food with alcohol

Q: 26% of men say they would not date a woman who posted this on their social media?
A: That they root for an opposing team

Q: Currently, the average American forgets this five times a week?
A: What day it is

Q: Over 600 million of these were given away last year, but this year that number has been cut by more than half?
A: Breadsticks

Q: 17% of people say this is the first thing they do in the morning?
A: Check on their pet

Q: 17% of women have fallen asleep with this in their hand?
A: A tissue

Q: Only 30% of men are judging other men about whether they are wearing a mask, but 72% admit to judging other guys about this?
A: Their ring tone

Q: Last year, 45% of moms would not allow their daughter under 10 years of age to do this, but that number has dropped this year?
A: Paint their nails

Q: 7% of people would spend seven days in jail to avoid this?
A: Getting married

Q: During the first quarter of 2019, there were 700 emergency room visits in the US for this, but this year there has been a 90% decline?
A: Pizza burns

Q: Research shows you can live 7% longer if you do this while in quarantine?
A: Fight with your partner and make up

Q: 17% of people did this pre-shutdown. Now, 44% do?
A: Ordered products online

Q: 23% of people miss this about their shopping experience?
A: Flirting

Q: In the past month, 17% of women have shared this secret with their partner?
A: They’ve stolen their password

Q: Seven U.S. Presidents have this in common?
A: Not born in the U.S.A.

Q: Last year, between January and April, the average person experienced this six times…but this year, only once?
A: Being sneezed on

Q: 12% of people working from home miss “lifting” this from the office?
A: Copy paper

Q: Over the weekend, Jay did something he had never done before. What was it?
A: Wore has pajama pants outside of the house

Q: 11% of students in K-12 miss this the most about school?
A: The food

Q: Sales of this are down over 200% as compared to a year ago?
A: Sun tan lotion

Q: Sales of this have risen 848% since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak?
A: Bidets

Q: 21% of women say that if their companion bought this drink for her on a first date there would most likely not be a second date?
A: Hard cider

Q: 16% of people admit to doing this favor for their pet?
A: Taste testing their food

Q: 17% of people claim to be in a good mood during the coronavirus pandemic for this reason?
A: They’ve had a flu shot

Q: In order to avoid a handshake, less than 10% of people will do this?
A: Sniff their hand

Q: Pet owners are 12% more likely to do this?
A: Sneeze

Q: Research shows doing this will help you fall asleep 30% faster?
A: Massaging the pressure point located between your thumb and forefinger

Q: 31% of moms admit to doing this to their child?
A: Borrowing money from their piggy bank

Q: People are 23% more likely to have this for breakfast on a Monday?
A: Cottage cheese

Q: 28% of Americans would like to change this about their job?
A: Allow pets

Q: 3% of adults over the age of 35 are impressed by millennials’ ability to do this?
A: Choose a good wine

Q: 23% of people would lie to their partner about this?
A: A food allergy

Q: 6% of people look forward to spring the most for this reason?
A: Playing corn hole

Q: The average American family will lose 3.8 of these this year?
A: Towels

Q: 11% of women would be attracted to a man who has one or more of these?
A: A Bobble Head

Q: 17% of people say they dislike this about their neighbor’s property?
A: Signs (Beware of Dog, No Trespassing, etc.)

Q: 27% of people say they like the taste of this even though they shouldn’t?
A: Envelopes

Q: 17% of parents say they argue with their kids over this?
A: Covering their cough

Q: 13% of guys say this is one of their fondest memories of growing up?
A: Shaving for the first time

Q: 23% of women say they would choose this over a romantic time with their partner?
A: Cooking a full course meal

Q: 24% of women would consider breaking up with a guy if he does too much of this?
A: Tanning

Q: 12% of Americans have used this as an excuse for arriving late for work?
A: Cut shaving

Q: 6% of couples have kissed here?
A: In front of a wood stove

Q: 54% of women have at least $250 worth of these that they never use?
A: Wrist watches

Q: 54% of adults were not allowed to do this during high school?
A: Use the stove

Q: 9% of men have cooked this on their gas grill?
A: Bread sticks

Q: This is more popular on Monday than any other day?
A: Sunglasses

Q: 16% of people would change this about their partner?
A: Improve their ability to make decisions

Q: 25% of people do not want to do this in 2020?
A: Attend a sporting event

Q: 13% of men say this is one of the sexiest professions a woman can have?
A: An IT job

Q: The average parent saves 1000 items from their kid’s childhood. 17% will save at least one of these?
A: A bib

Q: The average woman will do this 220 times this year?
A: Get cut while shaving

Q: This year, 126,000 people visited the emergency room due to an injury caused by this?
A: Wearing high heels

Q: 19% of women do this the day after Christmas?
A: Contact their ex

Q: 37% of women buy or receive 3.7 of these each year?
A: A bottle of alcohol

Q: The average woman will do this 12 times today?
A: Apply Chapstick

Q: The average woman will do this 5 times today, but the average man will only do this once today?
A: Comment “Like” on social media

Q: 27% of people say this is their least favorite household chore?
A: Vacuuming the stairs

Q: 21% of people say they have had one of these in their car for years?
A: An angel

Q: 12% of Americans say you should receive a minimum of 10 days in jail for doing this?
A: Abusing the privilege of using a service animal

Q: The average American is willing drive up to 150 miles for this?
A: A lottery ticket

Q: 37% of Americans have never seen one of these?
A: A Star Wars movie

Q: 68% of people say they are above average at this?
A: Trivia

Q: Using this word during a job interview will make it 17% less likely that you will be hired?
A: Sucks

Q: 8% of people have hidden a gift here?
A: Under a bed

Q: 78% of men would never give this to his partner, but 2/3 of women would love to receive it?
A: Stationery

Q: 23% of Americans are irritated by a neighbor who does this?
A: Plays a musical instrument loudly

Q: 37% of people regularly do this at the dinner table, compared with only 10% twenty years ago?
A: Eat on paper plates

Q: 27% of people surveyed said they are willing to go into debt to do this?
A: Spend money on their hair

Q: People who do this on their first date are 42% more likely to have a second date?
A: Cook together

Q: 37% of people say they have one of these in their vehicle that no longer works?
A: An air freshener

Q: 20 years ago, 78% saw this as an important adult task. Today, that number has been cut in half?
A: Shaving

Q: 7% of people have found this under the seat of their car?
A: A lottery ticket

Q: 11% of men did this at work yesterday?
A: Play a joke on someone

Q: 27% of women regret this about their High School years?
A: Not saving money

Q: 14% of millennial’s believe that doing this is considered doing a good deed?
A: Washing their hands after using a public restroom

Q: 90% of children, but only 30% of adults, do this?
A: Run

Q: 18% of Americans only eat this candy on Halloween?
A: Bit ‘O Honey

Q: 61% of women have eaten this while pregnant?
A: Baby food

Q: 6% of women would not want their mother to see this?
A: The litter box

Q: 11% of Administrative Assistants have been asked to do this for their boss?
A: Trim nose/ear hair

Q: 73% of men say they have done this when talking to a woman?
A: Cross their fingers

Q: On average, a person lives 19 months longer if they do this?
A: Read books

Q: 14% of people admit to hitting this while driving?
A: A toll booth

Q: Americans lose a total of $55 million a year doing this?
A: Losing or leaving change in vending machines

Q: 13 % of women have done this alone in their bedroom?
A: Floss their teeth

Q: 8% of women, but only 1% of men would like to change this about him or herself?
A: Their ankles

Q: 8% of women, but only 2% of men would like to change this about him or herself?
A: Their handwriting

Q: 16% of people would buy a used one of these?
A: Electric toothbrush

Q: 8% of households have one of these that does not work?
A: A flashlight

Q: 31% say this causes them high anxiety?
A: Being clever or funny when they post on social media

Q: 48% of men only do this on the weekend?
A: Call their mom