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Maine Game Warden K9 Storm and Game Warden Chad Robertson located a missing 71-year-old man in Abbot, deep in the woods, approximately 1.5 miles from his house.

Howard Weymouth, age 71 of Abbot, had gone for a walk on his property Saturday afternoon at approximately 3:30 p.m. His family became concerned when he did not return, as Weymouth has Alzheimers, and they began searching for him, following tracks in the snow behind his house.

When they were unable to locate him, they contacted the Maine Warden Service, and the Maine Warden Service began searching for Weymouth at approximately 7:30 pm. A family member and Game Warden Taylor Valente located new tracks that appeared to be going in circles and backtracking over a mile and a half from his house.

Game Warden Robertson and K9 Storm were given the coordinates, and they were able to quickly locate Weymouth at approximately 9:30 p.m. Weymouth was still able to walk under his own power with assistance, and he and several game wardens walked out to the nearest road where they met other wardens who transported him back to his home and family.

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