By Jon James|

The first time I saw this story and talked about it on the radio, I couldn’t believe it. If you’re just hearing it, you likely won’t, either.

In 1946 a farmer in Colorado was doing what farmers do…he was “taking care of” a chicken. Notice I’m using innocuous terms to describe a brutal, but necessary, act.

When the proverbial axe came down on Mike (why would anyone name a chicken they intended to slaughter? And why “Mike?”), the “not-so-precise” thwack left most of the brain stem, while taking everything north of it, including the eyes and mouth.

Mike did what any other chicken subjected to this type of dispatch would do: ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.

The difference between Mike and most others is that Mike kept running…and running…and running. For 18 months!

Yes, Mike the headless chicken was an anomaly and, allegedly, lived quite a content, albeit dark and quiet, life for the remainder of his time. He earned his farmer/keeper a lot of money as a sideshow, too!

The chicken, although a bit more clumsy without his head, got around pretty well and was fed by the farmer who used an eyedropper to deliver nourishment.

This weekend there is an entire weekend festival in Colorado dedicated to Mike. It’s cleverly called the “Mike the Headless Chicken Festival.”

For the story of Mike, watch the video.

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