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By Jon James|

Happy New Year! So what’s up? Rather, what’s coming down?

The answer to that depends on where you are.

Everyone knows about the Times Square Ball Drop. Nice but no thank you. Give me a small Maine community with something unique and not so glitzy, please.

The most famous drop in Maine, in my humble opinion, is the Sardine and Maple Leaf Drop in Eastport….and here’s what it looks like….

That will happen at the Tides Institute & Museum of Art in Eastport.

But wait! There’s MORE!

Here are some other Maine midnight “drops”:

Sterlingtown Public House, Union: NYE Keg Drop

Wabanaki Public Health Building, Bangor: Beach Ball Drop

First Parish UU Church, Kennebunk: Giant Blueberry Drop (twice)

Pat’s Pizza in Machias had sponsored a plastic lobster drop, but I couldn’t find anyone who knew if it was going on or not, so it likely isn’t this year.

Around the country, there are many traditions that sound like a lot of fun…if you can stay awake until midnight. Here are some of the more unique ones:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Anchor Drop

Mobile, Alabama, the giant MoonPie Drop

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Bologna Drop

North Carolina, Mt. Olive Pickle Drop

Tallapoosa, Georgia, the Possum Drop

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Giant Peep Drop

Maryland, Muskrat, Horseshoe and Goat Drops

Prescott, Arizona, Whiskey Row Boot Drop

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, the Carp Drop (supposedly a real, but dead, fish)

Plymouth, Wisconsin, the Big Cheese Drop

Boise, Idaho, Potato Drop (it’s a “glowtato”…cute, right?)

Folly Beach, South Carolina, Giant Flip Flop Drop (Jimmy Buffet would be proud)

So there are a few. If you want more, check this site out.

Well….gonna go carp shopping today, I guess. I like the idea of dropping a dead fish from someplace high to celebrate a new beginning. Who wouldn’t?

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