Kelli Hoover in Gardiner named her cat Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer, and now the kitty has won the Nationwide’s Wacky Pet Name Contest.

The victory means Pickles receives a custom canvas portrait, one-year subscription for monthly delivery of pet toys and treats and $100 gift cards from some of the nation’s top retailers.

From the contest page:

According to his mom, Pickles can be a bit of a brat to his cat sisters. But he’s a sweet guy, whose best friend is a dog who is unsure she’s a dog. When asked how to come up with a wild and wacky name like Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer, she adds, ‘You have to find one that fits. You can’t force a name on a pet, but when you say the name and it’s the right one, it will just sound right.’

Photo: Facebook

Pickles won!!!!! Thank you everyone for your votes and suppo

Posted by Kelli Hoover on Monday, April 11, 2022

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